Vietnam Union of Geological Sciences: Development and Renovation

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Assoc. Prof. PhD.  Do Canh Duong – Chairman of Vietnam Union of Geological Sciences (Collected image)

Assoc. Prof. PhD. Do Canh Duong – Chairman of Vietnam Union of Geological Sciences (Collected image)

In 2016, Vietnam Union of Geological Sciences took prosperous changes in term of quantity and quality, said by Assoc. Prof. PhD. Do Canh Duong – Chairman of Vietnam Union of Geological Sciences.

Currently, the Union has 11 affiliated associations including Western North Geological Association; Eastern North Geological Association, Nhu Quynh Geological Association, Thai Binh Region Geological Association; Hai Phong Region Environment Resources and Geological Association; Natural Soft Stone Technology Association; Geological Planning Association; Hanoi Coal Geological Association; Oil Geological Association and Geological Gold Hammer Club.

Being asked about technology science and consultancy, judgment activities, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Do Canh Duong stated that in 2016, they consulted the Project “Phu Tho Low Head Hydropower Plant on Lo River, Doan Hung District”.

Vietnam Association for Mineralogy - Petrography keeps regular relationship with many companies and groups for consultancy, investment and use of mineral resources such as Mai Linh C Company; Kosy Group; HAVICO Company Limited; Rare Earth Technology Company Limited; the Central Highlands Mineral Group; Hai Phong Silicate Company Limited; Especially, in Quarter II of 2016, the association as a consultancy organization for Mai Linh C Company implemented the project of additionally exploring Phuc Lac Kaolin clay mine in the Central Highlands.

Vietnam Association of Oil Geology took part in consultancy and judgment for 5 reports on reserves, investment project, research duty subjects of PVN, member units and Oil – gas contractors.

Vietnam Association of Work Geology and Environment participated in responding the super-project of trans-Asia Waterway traffic on Hong River of Xuan Thien Company Limited, Ninh Binh.

Vietnam Association of Economic Geology coordinated with Vietnam Mining Coalition , People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) to successfully organize the consulting conference: “Investment management in exploiting minerals: Challenges and Recommendation”.


Institute of Geology and Environment implements the subject of “Assessment of features of natural harmful emission sources impacting on environment in Yen Bai” assigned by Department of consultancy and judgment of the Association, and proposes solutions to resolve.

Besides, in the past years, many experts of the Union participated in consultancy and judgment for large projects such as “Research and preparation of integrated inter-branch Database serving for sustainable development of the North-West zone” (belonging to key national Program of Science - Technology serving for sustainable development of North-West zone); “Program of general investigation on mineral and completion of geologic mapping at rate of 1/50,000 of North-West zone serving for planning sustainable development of economy - society”; Recruiting units to implement the project of Vietnam-Russia bilateral cooperation named “Research on constructing model of endogenic ore formation of Cu-Ni-PGE and Fe-Ti-V in the Northwest zone of Vietnam”; Consultancy and judgment of constructing ministry-level Scheme of  Science and Technology subject: “Research and assessment of impact of Law on Mineral and propose of policies to change insensible problems in actual execution of Law on Mineral 2010”.

PhD, Assoc. Professor, and Dr. who are members of Vietnam Association of Hydrogeology expressed effective opinions to consult Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, and localities, etc., on building long-term and short-term research programs, programs of investigation, assessment and planning of water resource, approving Assignment Outline, accepting Themes of Science and Technology at central-level to local-level; Program of Climate change; Program of environment protection and natural disaster prevention; Tay Nguyen Program III; Tay Bac Program; Program of investigation and assessment on mountainous and water shortage areas; Subject of planning water resource of catchment area of Red River; Subject of protecting underground water at urban area, etc.

In terms of science research serving for production and training, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Duong said, many scientists of the Union participated in Science Council of Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Natural Resources and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Especially, in the second quarter of 2016, Vietnam Association for Mineral - Petrography played as consultant on survey Phu kaolin clay mine to Mai Linh C One Member Company Limited, which facilitates Members to participate in work implementation in order to improve their capacities and promote well their roles in specialized works.

Many members with spirit of passion for learn and high responsibility enthusiastically attended training at graduate and postgraduate level such as: Lecturing plenty of graduate and postgraduate courses at Hanoi University of Science - Vietnam National University, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City, PetroVietnam University and Vietnam Oil and Gas Group; Instructing and defensing successfully master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation, Composing 2 Doctoral Courses for PVN; Lecturing 02 researching courses on Petroleum Geology for postgraduate students, and instructing 8 postgraduate students to prepare doctoral thesis (such as Vietnam Association of Sedimentology and Vietnam Association of Petroleum Geology).

In terms of knowledge promulgation, in this 2017, Vietnam Association of Geochemistry will be preparing Outline draft of contents of the book named “Geochemical elements”.

Vietnam Association of Marine Geology posted 02 articles about impact of Climate change, and sea level rise harming to some economic branches in islands of Vietnam on Journal of Marine Science, posted 01 article on Prediction of surface sediment changes at Thi Nai Rammer (Binh Dinh) according to prediction of Climate change and sea level rise on Journal of Environment.

Vietnam Association of Gemstone issued a book named Gemstones of Vietnam on the day of the third General Meeting of the Association. The book gathers articles about Gemstones of Vietnam of which many articles are posted on international and national journals of geology.

Vietnam Association for Economic Geology translated and issued the book named Mining Industry Management Framework of ASEAN area”.

Particularly, in the beginning of 2016, Members of Vietnam Association of Mineralogy - Petrography write a book named “Intraplate magmatism and metallogeny of North Vietnam” which is published in Swiss by Springer Publishing.

The website of the Union remains operation and timely posts new information on activities of Associations in particularly and of the Union in generally, posts articles for purpose of knowledge promulgation, and issues relating to geological and mineral activities.

However, the Union still has some problems such as non-homogeneous capacity and responsibility among officers, shortage of enthusiasm and concern of many Members of Executive Committee to general activities. The Union’s operation fails to bring actual efficiency as expected, or does not implement well consultancy and judgment for the State to possess suitable policies in order to promote development of the branch. The activities are not even and exciting as desired. The activities are only implemented in the places which leaders concern, closely supervise, and the internal officers show high united spirit.

In this 2017, we continue promoting consultancy, judgment, and social expertise of experts from the Union in accordance with mechanism of “Independent Experts” implementing consultancy, judgment and social expertise under “order” of organizations/individuals.

Actively research, propose and participate in process of research, modification, amendment of Law on Mineral (2010) and other Laws relating to operations of enterprises in fields of Natural Resources - EnvironmentAttending qualified and effective consultancy and judgment for some key projects as required by General Department of Geology and Minerals of Vietnam (project of basic investigation on geology - mineral serving for sustainable development of Northwest zone; project of development of high quality human resource of science and technology in aspect of geology - mineral, etc.); Continue researching and transferring study results according different specialized aspects in specialized Associations; Participate in procuring subjects and projects of science and technology in 2017 and prepare proposal of missions 2018 under programs of science and technology at various levels; Attend science reports at International Conferences such as “Inter-branch solutions to use natural resources and protect environment”; “Changes in land usage and coping with Climate change”.

Technology science units of the whole nation continue promoting the technology science service activities to ensure business effectiveness, revenue, and high profit; administer in a transparent and advance manner to guarantee benefits of shareholders and take care of employees’ livelihood, implement full responsibilities and obligations for employees and the State; continue strengthening and stabilizing the human resources management of units; promoting the implementation progress of signed contracts as per the required schedule; organizing the inspection and supervision of progress and basic acceptance of subjects which are being performed to control and manage product quality and regard the quality and progress as a base for raising prestige and competitiveness.

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