The mechanism and policies of the Party and the Government to VUSTA

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The scene of the seminar

The scene of the seminar

This is a scientific seminar organized by the VUSTA in Hanoi on December 25. Mr. Pham Van Tan - Vice President cum Secretary General and Mr. Le Cong Luong - Deputy Secretary General cum Chief Office of VUSTA co – chaired the seminar. Attending the seminar were representatives from the Central Science and Technology Associations, scientists of the VUSTA system.

Presenting the report at the seminar, Mr. Pham Van Tan - Vice President cum Secretary General of the VUSTA has summarized the content as the assessment of institutionalization of the main policy of the Party and Government, the advantages and difficulties of implementation and recommendations on the mechanism and policy of the Party and Government to the VUSTA.

Mr. Pham Van Tan said that the VUSTA also implemented many professional activities such as consultancy, judgment and social expertise; science, technology and environment; Communication and dissemination of knowledge. In particular, consultancy, judgment and social expertise play an important role. Following Directive 42, especially Decision 14 of the Prime Minister, the consultancy, judgment and social expertise activities of local unions and branch associations were carried out strongly, taking many significant achievements to the socio-economic life of the country. In the past years, with the function of gathering intellectuals, member associations have actively contributed to the formulation of guidelines, policies, laws and effective implementation of important economic and social projects of the country. The consultancy, judgment and social expertise activities of member associations and the common activities of the VUSTA system have become an important and reliable information channel for the Party and the Government to consider and decide on important issues of the country related to Science and Technology.


The participants of seminar

At the seminar, the participants had a heated discussion and proposed that the Party and the Government should strengthen the direction and promulgate legal documents in order to further raise the awareness of Party committees and authorities at all levels on the role the position of the VUSTA in the new situation; as well as innovation activities, strengthening the leadership and direction of the Party committees and authorities, continue to direct and take appropriate measures to raise the awareness of Party committees and authorities from central to local levels regarding the position and role of intellectual associations, especially VUSTA in mobilization, gathering and uniting intellectuals in the country and overseas Vietnamese to participate in the national construction and development. Every year, heads of Party committees and authorities at all levels have the responsibility to periodically contact, listen to opinions and dialogue with intellectuals on important socio-economic issues of the country and the localities. .

In order for the VUSTA to become a reliable advisory body as arm of the Party and Government, especially in intellectual mobilization, consultancy, judgment and social expertise, the Party should issue guidelines to stabilize the organization and the minds of intellectuals of VUSTA. These guidelines should be institutionalized by specific laws and decrees of the National Assembly and the Government.

At the same time, different levels of government should issue legal documents that clearly state the legal status, unify the organizational structure, ensure (not support, help) funding and others necessary conditions so that VUSTA at central and local level can operate effectively the tasks assigned by the Party and the Government; create conditions for associations of intellectuals to perform public services, to participate in the granting of professional practice certificates, to supervise professional activities; direct the organization of forums, create an environment for encouraging intellectuals to express their thoughts and actively contribute ideas to perfect the policies and socio-economic development projects; review and promulgate legal documents, mechanisms and policies related to the VUSTA. The Government shall ensure funds and operating conditions for VUSTA at the central level and members unions as other socio-political organizations; formulate mechanisms for consultancy, judgment and social expertise activities; participate in national target programs and projects on socio-economic development, aiming to ensure a favorable environment for promoting the creativeness of science and technology intellectuals in service of the cause of construction and protection of country. Doing research and promulgating the Law on the knowledge dissemination, Law on practice of professional engineers ...


Mr. Pham Van Tan - Vice President cum Secretary General, presented the institutionalization of documents of the Party and State to the VUSTA

In addition, the delegates said that the Government should study, supplement and perfect the law, mechanisms, policies and create favorable conditions, including the stability of organization and funding, the necessary material conditions for the VUSTA to fulfill its functions and tasks. In the current context, it is necessary to promulgate the Law on Associations with the view to create favorable conditions for the association to operate and develop, to help the State to socialize public services, to participate in the consultancy, judgment works of  big projects of the country, direct the ministries and branches in the management of associations established by the Party and the State (including VUSTA), institutionalize the Party's policies by amending inappropriate legal documents (move organizations founded and directed by the Party such as the VUSTA that have different nature of voluntary associations of citizens out of the scope of regulation No. 45/2010 / ND-CP); implement the policy of treating officials working in these organizations at the central and local levels as equally as cadres and civil servants of other agencies in the political system; promulgate synchronously legal documents (laws or decrees amending the organizations defined by the Party to be socio-political and socio-political professional organizations and organizations who have party delegation).

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