Recommending end to encroaching on Han River

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Marina Complex project encroaching on Han River (Photo source: the internet)

Marina Complex project encroaching on Han River (Photo source: the internet)

Vietnam Rivers Network (VRN) has just released a press release related to the project of "Marina Complex on the eastern bank of Han river, Nai Hien Dong ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city”.

About the fact that Marina Complex Project is leveling up and encroaching Han River to build a villa area, VRN objects to the construction of this villa complex on the eastern bank of Han River for the following reasons:

The river encroachment in any form violates some laws such as the Law on Water Resources (2012), the Law on Environmental Protection (2014), the Law on Natural Disaster Prevention (2013), and the Law on Inland Waterway Traffic (2014). In particular, it is stated, in Article 9 of the Law on Water Resources, "Prohibited acts: Section 5. Illegal exploitation of sand and gravel on rivers, streams, canals, reservoirs; mining, drilling, digging, building houses, architectural objects, works and other activities in water source protection corridor, causing landslides at rivers, streams, canals, and reservoirs, or threatening the stability and safety of rivers, streams, canals, and reservoirs ". It is stated in Section 3, Article 56, Law on Environmental Protection no. 55/2014/ QH13: Environmental protection of water source of lakes, ponds, canals, ditches: “Organizations and individuals are not allowed to encroach and build housing or works illegally on the water surface or on the shore adjacent to the surface of lakes, ponds, canals and ditches; minimizing the leveling of lakes and ponds in urban areas and residential areas.”. Article 8, The Law on Inland Waterway Traffic (2014) stipulates that "Pouring soil, stone, sand, gravel or other waste, exploiting illegally minerals within the protection corridor ..."


The location of Marina Complex (Photo source: the internet)

The project encroaches on Han River hundreds of meters from the bank to Han River. Such encroachment will change the natural flow of the river, causing landslides on both sides of the river, directly affecting people's lives around Nai Hien Dong ward. In the rainy season, rain water will be sunken, hard to drain, causing local flooding. This will be a bad example for encroaching on rivers and streams, affecting seriously this precious resource, directly affecting human life and the country's sustainable economic development.

Environmental impact assessment must be transparent and public. The construction of Marina Complex Project is contrary to the rules of nature. Rivers and streams are extremely valuable natural resources, deciding economic and social development. The encroachment of the river is against the trend of sustainable development and environmental protection, especially in the context of climate change.

Therefore, Vietnam Rivers Network once more time affirmed the consistent viewpoint of proposing to completely stop the encroachment on Han River in Da Nang City, to prevent negative impacts that will happen in the future.


About 1 ha has been embanked encroaching Han River estuary (Photo source: the internet)

It is said that Marina Complex Project on the eastern bank of Han River, Nai Hien Dong ward, Son Tra district, is invested by Danang Marina Company Limited and VN Da Thanh Group Investment, including 128 adjacent townhouses for business, 78 Han River front villas with an area of 240m2 in the area of 117,311m2.

There are also 2 apartment towers, hotel and marina right in front of the project with over 1ha of river surface and large water surface area.

At present, the embankment of Marina Complex Project has been completed.  The area encroaching from the shore to Han River is about a hundred meters. Such area has been filled with stone and soil. Trucks, days and nights, poured soil and stone for leveling.
This project has also been adjusted 5 times at the requests of the investor. The Government Inspectorate has concluded that this project has a mistake in supplementing land use fees.

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