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Prof. Dr. Dang Vu Minh, VUSTA President, delivered a speech at the scientific forum "Crucial matters in the intellectual mobilization work of VUSTA under the guiding principle of the Resolution 27-NQ/TW."

Prof. Dr. Dang Vu Minh, VUSTA President, delivered a speech at the scientific forum "Crucial matters in the intellectual mobilization work of VUSTA under the guiding principle of the Resolution 27-NQ/TW."

The Resolution No. 27-NQ/TW dated August 06, 2008 of the 10th Central Committee of the Communist Party on building the intelligentsia in the period of accelerating national industrialization and modernization has affirmed the role of the intelligentsia as a creative workforce that is particularly important in the process of accelerating national industrialization and modernization and international integration; building a strong intelligentsia is directly raising the national intellectual level.

Dr. Phan Tung Mau, VUSTA Vice President, said at the scientific forum " Crucial matters in the intellectual mobilization work of VUSTA under the guiding principle of the Resolution 27-NQ/TW " organized on June 19, that the Resolution 27-NQ/TW was the first specialized resolution of the Party on intellectual mobilization work. After 10 years of implementation, the Resolution has initially created changes in the perception and action of the whole political system. The activities of the intellectual associations have made positive changes, especially the gathering and promotion of wisdom of the intelligentsia has been strengthened and developed and actively contributing to the cause of national construction and protection.

As a result, immediately after the Resolution 27 was promulgated, the Party Committees at the central and local levels, especially the Party unions, Party committees and leaders of the intellectual’s associations, promptly gave directions and organized the conference to propagandize the Resolution to party members at the grassroots’ level, member associations and their members.

In the first five years (2008 - 2013), the contents of the Resolution have been actively implemented, gradually improving the operation quality of VUSTA and its members; the environment and operating conditions of the intellectuals, especially the intellectuals of provincial and municipal intellectual associations, have made positive changes; the policy of respecting, treating and honoring intellectuals is initially implemented and the roles and social responsibilities of intellectual associations are highly appreciated…

However, after 10 years of implementation of Resolution 27, at the forum, the majority of delegates agreed that the tasks and solutions of the Resolution have not been thoroughly implemented as perceived by some committees and governments on the positions and roles of the intelligentsia and the responsibility for the intelligentsia is inadequate; the task of building the intelligentsia has not been associated with the task of socio-economic development in the annual and long-term plans of the localities; many localities have not periodically held meetings to discuss, listen to the minds and aspirations of intellectuals.

Working conditions in some places are not really democratic, creative and free, especially for social science intellectuals and artists. Human resources management work, administration work, especially the assessment and use of intellectuals has many shortcomings and inconsistency, not meeting the requirements in some sectors and fields.

The policy of attracting highly qualified intellectuals is not very attractive; there are not many policies to support and develop intellectuals working in enterprises; brain drain is an issue in many sectors.

Some intellectuals have not been dedicated and not invested much time for study, research to improve their qualification; some have been affected by the reverse side of the market economy and not properly performed their assigned tasks. Knowledge of foreign language of the intelligentsia is weak and generally does not meet the requirements of the period of intensive international integration. Awareness and determination to improve the foreign language skills of officers and civil servants is still limited.

However, in the opinion of the delegates at the forum, to promote the development of intelligentsia in this new situation, there must be some solutions such as associations and organizations actively researching and proposing to the competent agencies to vigorously innovate the content and mode of operation, gathering the strength and wisdom of the intelligentsia, promoting the role of the intelligentsia in the new situation; strengthening research, consultancy, review and social assessment activities…; actively detecting, attracting and gathering young intellectuals as well as intellectuals in enterprises into union associations.

Besides, it also requires acceleration of the institutionalization of Resolution 27, creating an enabling working environment that truly promotes democracy and encourages intellectuals to freely innovate in research and creation; being fair in academic research, being creative in the application of science, especially social science. Leaders at all levels should be open and willing to talk, listen, discuss with intellectuals; modern facilities and equipment should be fully equipped, and unit prices of administrative procedures in the implementation of tasks, scientific topics and projects should be set clearly...

Formulating and implementing policies on training, fostering, respecting, rewarding and honoring the scientific and technological staffs, especially the good experts with great contributions; Creating a favorable environment and material conditions for scientific and technological officers to develop by their own talents and enjoy the benefits deserved by their creative labor values; Improving the capacity, qualifications and qualities of scientific and technological managers in various sectors and levels are some of the solutions raised at the Forum.

Promoting the role of intellectuals in the coming time, at the forum, VUSTA has put forward 4 main recommendations to submit to the Politburo, the Secretariat:

First, review the 10-year implementation of Resolution 27-NQ/TW comprehensively and have a guiding document to continue implementing the Resolution in the coming period.

Secondly, continue to study and fully grasp the objectives, views, tasks and solutions of Resolution 27-TN/TW and Directive No. 42-CT/TW to raise awareness of the positions and roles of intellectual’s associations.

Thirdly, continue to direct, inspect and evaluate the schemes to implement the Resolution No. 27-NQ/TW in the spirit of the Conclusions no. 32 - KL/TW of the Politburo and the schemes to implement the notice of conclusions of the Politburo No. 90-TB/TW dated March 04, 2014 by the Politburo.

Finally, it is proposed that the Central Commission for Propaganda and Training and relevant agencies should resolve and address the new issues arising in the field of thought and press management with respect to intellectual associations, and especially those under VUSTA.

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