Looking back on 50 years of construction and maturity of Vietnam Mining Science and Technology Association

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On behalf of the Office of the State President, Mr. Nghiem Vu Khai awarded the First-class Labor Medal to Vietnam Mining Science and Technology Association for the second time.

On behalf of the Office of the State President, Mr. Nghiem Vu Khai awarded the First-class Labor Medal to Vietnam Mining Science and Technology Association for the second time.

Due to objective requirements, staffs of mining science and technology should be consolidated into a socio-professional organization. According to the aspirations of mining science and technology staffs, in March 1964 in Hanoi, the Advocacy Board for establishment of Vietnam Mining Science and Technology Association was founded and on November 10, 1966 it held the first Congress to pass the first Charter and proposed that the Government permitted the establishment of the Association. On March 1, 1967, the Ministry of Interior promulgated the Decision No. 81/NV on officially recognizing the Vietnam Mining Science and Technical Association (in the 3rd Congress in 1989 it was renamed Vietnam Mining Science and Technology Association).

This is one of the first four Science and Technology Associations of our country. From the initial 32 branches and 1374 members, so far, after 8 Congresses, the Association has had more than 4,000 members including managers, professors, associate professors, doctors, engineers, and scientific, technological and economic officers, and highly skilled workers participating in activities at 105 branches and 1 sub-branch.

One of the most important tasks of the Association is to encourage and create favorable conditions for members to conduct scientific research and apply new technologies to mining production. Therefore, since its inception, the Association has closely coordinated with ministries, sectors, provinces and mineral mining enterprises to gradually introduce new technologies into production in accordance with mining technical conditions and management and operation capabilities of the staffs and workers of our mining industry. The knowledge dissemination of the Association is also reflected in the task of editing and publishing the Mining Industry Journal which has increased from 4 to 6 issues per year since 1997 with increasingly larger capacity (the number of pages has been increased from 40 to 48). The Journal has always maintained its tradition as a mouthpiece of the Association for publication of research results and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge to numerous readers and as a forum for exchange of management experience, product and market information for the mining industry of Vietnam. In late 2007, the Journal has built the Association’s website with the domain name http://www.vinamin.vn in order to help readers get detailed information about the Association including organizational structure, Charter, the tasks which have been and will be implemented by the Association, important articles published in the Mining Industry Journal, scientific research projects on mining, prices of minerals on the world market and necessary information to foreign investors such as policies of Vietnam government on the mining industry, mining, processing, use, export and import of minerals in Vietnam. The website was quick to get the response of members, domestic and foreign scientists, foreign investors, and has by far attracted more than 6.5 million visits. The Association always pays attention to knowledge dissemination, scientific research and application of new technologies through particular activities. Despite difficulties in some aspects, the Association has organized conferences, scientific and technical seminars annually. Many scientific conferences and specialized seminars have national scale, including such major issues as “Technological innovation to meet the requirements of sustainable development of Vietnam mining industry” (July 2004); “Safety and environmental protection in mineral mining and processing” (2007); “Sustainable development of Vietnam mining techniques” (2008); “Advanced mining industry for sustainable development” (2010);“Rational exploitation and use of mineral resources” (2011); “Sustainable development of mining industry to ensure Coal industry planning and national Energy security” (2012); “Vietnam mineral development strategies – From vision to action” (2012); “Management of Vietnam mineral resources – Situation and solutions” (2013); “Green growth in Vietnam mineral activities” (2014);“Vietnam mining industry in the period of international integration and climate change” (2016). Over the years, the Association has greatly contributed, along with universities, colleges and vocational schools, to encourage students of mining to learn and practice, training new generations of scientific and technical staffs, following predecessors in the cause of exploiting mineral resources to enrich the country.

In the field of consultancy and social review, the Association has carries out diverse and abundant activities, participating in consultancy, review of planning and designs to exploit important mines to suit the conditions of natural resources, environment and economy of the country. The Association has assigned experienced staffs to engage in the subcommittee for drafting the Ordinance on mineral resources, followed by the Mineral Law enacted by the National Assembly in February 1996. In 1994, the Association actively prepared and submitted to the State the draft on “Development strategies and national policies on mineral resources”. The Association has organized conferences and made recommendations to the State on the remuneration policy for mining workers, making comments on the policy for training and use of science and technology staffs, the draft Law on science and technology, and supplementing the draft “Energy strategy and policy, national energy development program in the early 21st century”.

In scientific research and application of technical advances, the Central Association as well as branches and members has successfully solved many important topics with decisive impact on the process to promulgate mechanism and policies, construction of a complete oil and gas industry of Vietnam from the stages of search, exploration, extraction, transportation, processing, storage, distribution to import and export. Many works have won national science and technology awards with copyright certificates issued by the National Office of Intellectual Property such as “Curved moving sieve jig and low quality coal screening method” and “Research and fabrication of fluidizing bed technology for screening fine coal” in the “Key science and technology program on mineral exploitation and processing technologies” of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Regarding foreign affairs, the Standing Committee of the Central Association has actively directed foreign affairs and promoted the image of the Association and Vietnam mining industry. The Association has entered into cooperation agreements with the Poland Mining Association (2008) and the Russian Mining Association (2016). In September 2008 in Poland, the Executive Board of the 89th International October Conference (IOC) issued a resolution on admitting Vietnam Mining Association as the 42th member of the IOC; the 90th IOC in May 2009 in Saint Petersburg made a resolution to assign Vietnam Mining Association to host the Executive Board Congress of IOC in Ha Long.

With the resilient and indomitable tradition of mining working class, in acknowledgement of their honor and responsibilities, staffs and members of the Vietnam Mining Science and Technology Association have been striving relentlessly to develop Vietnam mining industry, best exploiting mineral resources, making deservedly contributions to the national industrialization and modernization process. In recognition of the dedication of its staffs and members, the Vietnam Mining Science and Technology Association was awarded the Third-class Labor Medal in 1996, Second-class Labor Medal in 2001, Certificate of Merits from the Prime Minister in 2005, First-class Labor Medal in 2006. In this year, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Association was given the First-class Labor Medal for the second time by the State President.

Author: Le Cong Luong
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