Important “leap” in communication and dissemination of knowledge

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Several outstanding channels of knowledge communication and dissemination of the Union

Several outstanding channels of knowledge communication and dissemination of the Union

Communication and dissemination of knowledge is a major and important task of Dong Thap Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations (the Union).

Traditionally, given the shortage of human resources and funds for the communication and dissemination of knowledge, Dong Thap Union actively cooperated with the Department of Science and Technology to implement a number of activities, including organizing thesis sessions, issuing regular bulletins on the provision of scientific and technical knowledge to officials, public employees, public servants and the masses.

However, the communication and dissemination of knowledge of the Union at this time was not really diverse in terms of types and contents. Coordination and propaganda activities between the Union and the member associations were still limited and faced various difficulties.

Important leap ...

Nearly 10 years so far, with more support in staffing and operation funds, the Union has made long strides in terms of quality and quantity in knowledge communication and dissemination.

New channels of propaganda have been developed by the Union, quickly becoming a useful tool for effective knowledge dissemination and communication to member associations and the masses in the province.

This is the birth of the website of the Union of Science and Technology Associations, the "Knowledge for Life" television section, newsletters and a specialized page of the Union on  Dong Thap Newspaper or social networks (group, fan page) that have been created by the Union for member associations in order to serve activities in the Union system, as well as promote the image of local tourism.

In addition, such traditional knowledge communication and dissemination as conferences, seminars, workshops and thesis sessions are organized more often by the Union on the basis of building the link between the intellectuals and experts who are gathered from institutes, universities by the Union, ... and the cooperation with member associations, agencies and departments in the Locality.

Along with the development of a variety of communication channels, the contents of information and knowledge dissemination of the Union are also diverse, information on science and life, technical and technological advances, etc. has been updated regularly in the website of the Union.

The television section of "Knowledge for life", which is implemented by the Union in combination with Dong Thap Television Station has been broadcasted on a monthly basis to disseminate advanced production models, application of new techniques and technologies in agriculture, food hygiene and safety, environmental pollution ... contributing to changing awareness, production practices and improving the material and spiritual life of the people.

Mr. Le Van Tam - Chairman of Vietnam Gardening Association of Dong Thap province shared that "he is very interested in coordination and support activities of the Union such as organizing seminars, inviting speakers and professors from institutions and universities to the locality to share the process of safe fruit production. Most importantly, through the communication channels of the Union, especially the television section “Knowledge for life”, it has introduced models and methods of safe production to bring high efficiency".

Other highlights of the communication and dissemination of the knowledge of the Union are the propaganda activities on the Technology Creation Competition and the Contest for Adolescence's Creativity.

In the past, the Technology Creation Competition was not popular among people in the locality, but it now has become a movement of science and technology creation that attracted quite a few people.

This is reflected in the statistical results of a recent study of the Union office on Dong Thap Provincial Technical Creation Competition. It showed that there are many components of the society taking part in the competition, including teachers, doctors, pharmacists, civil servants, farmers ...

The strong popularity of the Technology Creation Competition is derived from the creative combination of the Union with various methods of communication, through various channels such as television, newspapers, websites, brochures and more importantly, the spirit of response and coordination in the propaganda activities of the departments, sectors and branches, schools, businesses in the locality.

Besides communication and dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge, the propaganda of the policies and guidelines of the Party and the State law has been also applied.

Being the political and social organization of the intelligentsia under the leadership of the Party, the activities of the Union in general and the communication and dissemination of knowledge in particular have been always stick to guidelines and policies of the Party and the State and the directives and resolutions of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial People's Committee on science and technology development and boosting the knowledge of the intellectuals ...

In parallel with communication and dissemination of knowledge of the Union, there has active co-operation of the Association members and departments, sectors and branches in the Province, such as the provincial Committee for Propaganda and Education in organizing training sessions for the masses to study and thoroughly grasp the resolutions of the Party, the Department of Science and Technology in dissemination of laws on science and technology, the Department of Education and Training, the Labor Federation, the Youth Union in propaganda of the technology creation contest and competition.

With much attention of the Party and the Provincial Government, Dong Thap Union has been determined to innovate the implementation of tasks of the unit. In particular, communication and dissemination of knowledge of the Union, with a combination of innovative methods have created an important leap to bring about efficiency, helping people improve knowledge and apply technical and technological advances to life and production.

Author: Hong Ly
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