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Towards the Congress of Animal Husbandry Association of Vietnam (AHAV) for the sixth term (2017-2022), the reporter had a talk with Dr. Doan Xuan Truc - Permanent Vice Chairman cum General Secretary of AHAV. He said that as of February 2017, the number of members is over 200, including 30 provincial and municipal associations, 28 sub-associations and many organizations and units as being enterprises, farms, centers, research institutes, training institutes, etc. whose business activities are linked to production, services and business relating to animal husbandry nationwide.

AHAV was established in 1992 and it is the largest professional social organization of the husbandry industry operating across the country. AHAV is an organization representing the voices of organizations and individuals involved in the husbandry industry (production, trade, services, research, training, management ...) including individuals and organizations (Vietnam and foreign organizations with operations relating to the field of animal husbandry and veterinary in the territory of Vietnam).

He also added that, in recent years, the association has been developing steadily. It has currently admitted 54 new members affiliated to the central association. Of which, there are 11 Associations and unions at provincial and municipal levels, 3 newly established animal husbandry sub-associations in three universities (Thai Nguyen, Can Tho and Tra Vinh), 22 enterprises and 18 individuals as management and technical experts in the husbandry industry.

Initially, the activities of the Animal Husbandry Association have been renovated in accordance with its current requirements. Priority of AHAV is targeted to operations at both central and provincial levels under the direction of following production situation and the market and making timely proposal of solutions, mechanisms and policies, focusing on counseling and dissemination of knowledge, technology transfer and dissemination and press.

AHAV has issued rules and regulations necessary for its operations and the units under the Association. Thereby, it has created operation disciplines to ensure publicity, democracy, self-awareness and responsibility for each job.

Typically, in the past years, we have paid special attention to and closely monitored the situation of livestock production; promptly and actively reflecting the opinions and aspirations of producers and traders in the livestock sector; discussing and proposing immediate and long-term solutions to tackling difficulties for production and gradually sustainable livestock development. Dr. Truc also said that a lot of consultancy and judgment of AHAV has been highly appreciated by producers and management. AHAV has always made great efforts and responsible for contributing advices and recommendations to the leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD); regularly exchanging information and giving suggestions to relevant Departments and Sub-Departments of MARD to tackle difficulties of the husbandry industry for its sustainable development and increase its efficiency and competitiveness.

Specifically, the Association has promoted the transfer of technical advances and new technologies in animal husbandry for application in production such as breeding high-yield beef cattle, using high quality cattle sperm for breed quality improvement. It also emphasized on the use of synthetic feed, protein grass power for breeding dairy cows, taking measures to prevent environmental pollution in livestock, thereby disseminating information and promptly guiding sub-associations and members to apply them in production.

The Association is regularly involved in publicity of information on Central and municipal newspapers, radio, news agencies on typical examples of good farmer households, farms, husbandry cooperatives and chains of product consumption to help famers to learn and apply them in their production. It has organized 3 technical training courses for 285 members on techniques of processing, preserving and storing green food for cattle; high-quality lean pig breeding techniques, solutions to environmental pollution treatment in livestock.

The association also reflected the difficulties and proposed solutions to tackling problems of fresh milk consumption, recommending the city to mobilize Vinamilk, International Dairy Joint Stock Company, Hanoi Milk Joint Stock Company to stabilize the fresh milk purchase contracts in dairy breeding areas at reasonable prices and create conditions for dairy farmers to develop livestock.

In addition, Dr. Truc also shared that AHAV has been interested in improving relationships with localities, branches and levels; initially consolidating and establishing regular and continuous relations with provincial and municipal associations, sub-associations and members throughout the country. It has also received remarkable support from ministries, branches and localities in its operations.


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In international relations, AHAV has expanded its relations with international organizations, including many embassies in Hanoi; Associations, Unions and foreign companies. Therefore, its prestige and status has been improved. The support of the Government, the Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), ministries, sectors and localities has been strengthened. During a 5-year period from 2012 to 2017, AHAV has been evaluated as a professional social organization with many innovations in its activities and contributed effectively to the development of the husbandry industry.

The effective innovations of the Journal of Animal Husbandry Science and Technology and Vietnam Animal Husbandry Special Journal have contributed to improvement of the prestige of AHAV. Journal of Animal Husbandry Science and Technology has been evaluated by breeders in the country, managers, producers, business, researchers, specialists in training and transfer of technical advances in the field of animal husbandry and veterinary as a highly prestigious one, making positive contributions to the development of the country's husbandry industry.

To achieve above-mentioned results, in the last term, AHAV has been awarded a Second-class Labor Medal (2012) by the President; Third-class Labor Medal (2013) was awarded to Journal Animal Husbandry Science and Technology. AHAV has been also awarded Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister, three excellent emulation flags by VUSTA, one excellent emulation flag by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, some certificates of merit from ministries and localities.

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