Advantages and disadvantages for developing green economy model in Vietnam

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International forum in Hanoi on sustainable development in Vietnam

International forum in Hanoi on sustainable development in Vietnam

The world has made sustainable development for more than 20 years. Despite the fact that impressive economic growth has been reached for the past several decades (growing 4 times compared to the past), benefiting hundreds of millions of people, but we are also facing the greatest challenges ever.

Up to 60% of goods and services have negative impact on the Earth's ecosystem. The cause of this situation is that the process of economic development over the past century has been based primarily on the exploitation of natural resources without paying attention to the ability of regeneration, leading to a seriously degraded and damaged ecosystem.

In addition, about 90 of economic crises occurring over the past 30 years with increasing frequency, with increasing severity, have increased the need to adjust the economic growth model of the countries all over the world.

The traditional economic model depending on fossil fuels has increased greenhouse gas emissions, causing climate change. Such model has failed to satisfy the sustainable development needs of many countries. This situation requires countries to seek a new growth model - developing a green economy model.

Vietnam has been changing fundamentally after the process of "renovation and opening the door to the world", completing the socialist-oriented market economy, towards the development for human beings. These factors have been implemented in a stable political environment, facilitating the implementation of a green economy.

Vietnamese labor forces are in the period of "golden population". We have the tradition of being hard - working, and living with a simple style and harmony with nature subject to the tradition of oriental culture. In addition, we are capable of grasp science - technology and management skills quickly and flexibly to develop green human resources.

Being a behind country, with backward technology, it is a great opportunity for Vietnam to apply advanced technologies with higher energy efficiency as well as to reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

Vietnam has natural resources with high comparative advantage, important geopolitical location. Objectively, the country has been becoming a center of Southeast Asia with diverse and rich natural resources to develop a green economy.

With the efforts of the Vietnamese Government in the direction of sustainable development, we have been receiving active support from the international community (UNDP, World Bank, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Japan, France, USA, and others) in responding to climate change in particular and green growth in general. All such positive factors are gathered as a motive to help Vietnam develop a green economy and affirm the choice of "green growth" as the optimal solution for sustainable development, as well as hunger eradication & poverty reduction for the country.

The green economy requires the operation from renewable energy sources. With over 3000 km of coastline and in the tropical monsoon climate, Vietnam has great potential of wind energy with an estimated amount of 500 - 1000 KWh/ m2/ year. Currently, some wind power projects have been implemented in some southern central provinces (Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan provinces) and in some island districts where it is difficult to access to the national grid. The biomass energy potential in Vietnam is mainly from wood and waste from agricultural trees, livestock waste, urban waste and other organic wastes which are all available in Vietnam.

However, all these types of energy remain potential and have not been exploited for use. In the context of shifting to a green economy model, this is a great opportunity for our country to develop a low carbon emission economy, ensuring energy security and reducing the dependence on foreign fuel imports.

In addition to the above mentioned advantages, the development of green economy model in Vietnam is facing difficulties and challenges such as poor awareness and development level. We have been left behind many countries after long years of war with many big consequences. We need time and large resources to overcome them.


Workshop on comments on the draft law on Natural Resources and Environment held by VUSTA

The institution of management of natural resources, environmental protection and response to climate change is still limited, inadequate, and incompatible with market economy in the context of globalization. The law system, which is in the period of transition, is not synchronized and not suitable for the trend of globalization and towards green growth. The organizational system and management apparatus, which are still scattered and overlapping, are not suitable for the development of the country in the integration period. This is one of the causes that natural resources contributing to the development of the economy are not suitable. We have not mobilized the participation of society for environmental protection and response to climate change.

The resource utilization is still low and wasteful. Natural resources (natural capital), especially biological resources have been seriously degraded, and non-renewable resources are exploited too much.

Production technology is backward and slow to be innovated. Currently, our production technology in Vietnam is old and backward compared to the world’s one, having made the production process consume a lot of energy and resources. Therefore, the quality of products is low, creating a lot of waste, polluting and degrading the environment, and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Expenditure for investment in upgrading and improving technology is still limited.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, environmental protection is the task of the whole world, not only one country. Therefore, to solve environmental problems, the globally challenging issues, it is required that nations must have actions together. However, not all countries have good will and fulfill their commitments with partners. Therefore, it can break the objectives of fighting against climate change and facilitating green growth in Vietnam.

The resources for green economy implementation have not been prepared adequately. It is necessary to develop a green economy model related to technological innovation. In addition, we need to restore ecology, use efficiently and appropriately natural resources, and ensure low carbon emissions. At the same time, it is also necessary to invest in and develop some new fields. To implement those things, it is required to have investment with a large fund in order not only to create jobs but also to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly the use of renewable energy./.

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