The scene of the seminar

The mechanism and policies of the Party and the Government to VUSTA

This is a scientific seminar organized by the VUSTA in Hanoi on December 25. Mr. Pham Van Tan - Vice President cum Secretary General and Mr. Le Cong Luong - Deputy Secretary General cum Chief Office of VUSTA co – chaired the seminar. Attending the seminar were representatives from the Central Science and Technology Associations, scientists of the VUSTA system.

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The process of building effectiveness of investigation press

The process of building effectiveness of investigation press

It is not that people deliberately make themselves miserable when they go on business trip for a good work. But it is important to understand that if we accept suffering, we will understand the problem, have emotions, share with the problem / person / case, especially the problem of harm to nature, wild animals. And that emotion will be spread to the readers. Moreover, the meticulous preparation always comes with the result that there are many documents. In the investigation, one of the most precious, the vital thing is the document.

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Press in the context of development challenges of social networks today!

The development of social networks is a reality and a challenge in many fields, especially in information – press, whereby Facebook accounts are sometimes even more powerful than the news on the press.

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The active role performed by regulatory authorities

The active role performed by regulatory authorities

The Vice President of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), Dr.Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai discussed that, the participation of social-occupational organizations, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) in environment protection is very important; thus in the upcoming period, it is necessary for the regulatory authorities to be more active, progressive to mobilize and attract the engagement of these organizations.

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The 14th National Assembly’s plenary session

National Assembly Deputy Nghiem Vu Khai: Science and technology integration in the industrial revolution 4.0

In the morning of June 2, the National Assembly discussed in a plenary session on some contents of the Draft Law on Technology Transfer (revised), which is considered as an important law given the context of the industrial revolution 4.0. The editorial board of would like to introduce some basic contents of the speech delivered by National Assembly Deputy Nghiem Vu Khai – Vice President of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (under the delegation of Hai Phong People's Committee) at the plenary.

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Internet source

Animal Husbandry Association of Vietnam - continuous development

Towards the Congress of Animal Husbandry Association of Vietnam (AHAV) for the sixth term (2017-2022), the reporter had a talk with Dr. Doan Xuan Truc - Permanent Vice Chairman cum General Secretary of AHAV. He said that as of February 2017, the number of members is over 200, including 30 provincial and municipal associations, 28 sub-associations and many organizations and units as being enterprises, farms, centers, research institutes, training institutes, etc. whose business activities are linked to production, services and business relating to animal husbandry nationwide.

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Prof. Acad. Tran Dinh Long – Chairman of Vietnam Seed Association (Photo: internet)

Vietnam Seed Association: Rising above difficulties

Vietnam Seed Association is a social and professional organization of people involved in agricultural, forestry plant varieties and others. Founded in 2001, the Association has so far had more than 800 members, 42 collective members including institutes, centers, universities and companies in the field of crops. There have had three Centers (Red River Crop Center, Crop and Agricultural Technology Center, Fruit and Vegetable Consulting and Development Center) and three Seed Associations at the provincial and regional level, namely Thanh Hoa Seed and Agricultural Material Association, Nghe An Seed Association, Southern Seed Association.

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