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The 13th Asian Foundry Congress (AFC-13) is to be held in Hanoi Vietnam, from October 27 to 29, 2015. Vietnam Foundry and Metallurgy Science and Technology Association (VFMSTA), member of VUSTA, will be the host of the event.

The congress will be an opportunity for the international community to exchange ideas and develop a common vision for the future of world foundry industry. It will also offer a better chance for all participants to have a deeper understanding of the Ta Quang Buu Library, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST).

  • Program of Technical
  • Plenary Session

    Keynote speech

    1.      Tibor Kvackaj, Professor PhD., Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

    2.      Yoshiki Tsunekawwa, Distinguished Professor, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan

    3.      Xiong  Shou-Mei, Professor Ph.D., Tsinghua University, China

    Technical Session

    • Session 1 Advanced materials, computer simulation and modelling
    • Session 2 Cast Irons  and Steels
    • Session 3 Non ferrous metals and alloy casting
    • Session 4 Heat, cryogenic and surface treatments
    • Session 5 Moulding, materials and rapid prototyping technologies
    • Session 6 Foundry technology, equipment and manufacturing

    Schedule Program:


  • Over 200 participants will attend the congress, include 150 participants from outside of Vietnam such as: China, Japan, Australia, Poland, Slovakia, USA, Singapore, Iran, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Korea, Germany, Pakistan…
  • The Proceeding under the theme “Asian Foundries – Challenges and Opportunities in Modern Developments in the Foundry” (ISBN: 978-604-938-550-6).
  • All received papers will be examined and verified and among which some will be chosen to be included in Key papers will be recommended to “China Foundry” which will be fully included by the ISI.

    The abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee who shall communicate with the corresponding author their acceptance either for oral or poster presentation together with the required format of full papers through email by 31 July 2015. The due date for submitting the full paper is 1st August 2015. Full papers received after the due date will not be included in the congress proceedings.

    Total abstracts received are 92 (include 35 of Vietnam and 57 of others)

    Full papers received are 10 (deadline due July 31th, 2015)

  • Registration: please download the registration form on website:
  • For more information, please look at website of AFC 13:

    Source: Vietnam Foundry and Metallurgy Science and Technology Association

    Edit: DIC, VUSTA

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