Request for Expressions of Interest from Startup Ecosystem Developers

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Innovation Partnership Program Phase 2 will open a grant call for new startup ecosystem development project consortia on 18.1.2016 and close the call on 22.2.2016.

IPP is inviting Expressions of Interest from organisations that are developing local startup and innovation ecosystems in a city, province or region. Based on the expressions of interest, IPP will invite promising teams for co-creation workshops and meetings to learn more about how to prepare startup ecosystem development projects before IPP opens the grant call in mid January 2016.. All Expressions of Interest must be in English.

The EoI format and guidelines is attached or you can download directly at EoI’s should be emailed to the following address 



The resourcing grant for Startup Ecosystem Development Projects is targeted to the development of new support (different types of mechanisms, services, programs or schemes) for new innovative growth companies in Vietnam. IPP’s support for the first stage of these projects (6-8 months) includes the following:

  • Seed grant for covering human resource related costs (both internal and external)
    • reimbursement of paid costs
  • Mentoring and advisory services tailored to the needs of the project teams
  • Opportunity to participate in online platform pilot initiated by IPP in 2016 to connect startup ecosystem participants nationally and internationally
  • Opportunity to apply for additional grant to last up to the end of the year 2017

The sub-project teams are themselves responsible for networking and finding required expertise. IPP will provide limited help in finding needed connections and experts through its networks.

IPP’s support for ecosystem developers in a nutshell

IPP supports innovation system development projects that make a local innovation ecosystem better in Vietnam. The main emphasis is in the development of better services for new innovative growth companies. The potential content of the projects may include, but are not limited to, development of a new incubator, creation of new services for existing incubators, planning of a new funding program in the province, adding startup services to existing technology park or initiating a regional cluster growth program.

Consortiums of local, national and international actors will be welcome to apply for grants, coaching and network support in the near future. To start the process, IPP expects to receive an Expression of Interest (EoI) from representatives of potential project consortiums. IPP will communicate with the consortium representatives in IPP events and provide one-on-one to help to develop the ideas, project plans and potential funding applications further.

IPP’s grants are for covering 70% of internal and external human resource costs related to the innovation project. The first phase grant is approx. €50,000. The most successful teams can receive an additional grant of maximum €100,000.

Who is eligible to apply?

The applicant shall be a consortium. A consortium executes the innovation system development joint project. One or more organizations in the consortium can apply for the resourcing grant together. Each grant applicant in the consortium file in their own application and they use a joint project plan to describe the project.

To be eligible for the grant, the applications of the consortium members who apply for funding must be from organisations registered in Vietnam that represent the innovation ecosystem in a region. They may be private companies, government owned companies, government agencies, universities, research institutions, non-profit non-government organizations or any other type of registered organization. They must have a consortium agreement in place latest by the end of the first three months of the project supported by IPP. The consortium can include non-Vietnamese partners, who would not be eligible for direct IPP grants.

The consortium will have a joint project plan to describe the content and budget of the project. The consortium must be open for collaboration with any needed partners nationally and internationally.

EoI Form: Resourcing Grant for Startup Ecosystem Development Projects

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