RESOLUTIONS: Third Conference of the Central Council The Vietnam Union of Scientific & Technical Associations (VUSTA) Term V (2004 – 2009)

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In January 20th 2007, the Third Conference of the Central Council of the Vietnam Union of S&T Associations, term V (2004 – 2009) had been solemnly organised at Hanoi.

Participants to the Third Conference of the Central Council of VUSTA comprised representatives of the Central Organisation Board, the Central Science & Education Board, the Ministry of Science & Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Interior and nearly 200 members of the Central Council representing 63 scientific & technical Associations of central level and 50 provinces/ cities’ Unions.

The Conference had listened to the Recapitulative Report on activities in 2006 and on oriented actions in 2007 of VUSTA, the Report recapulating control work in 2006 by the Control Commission, and had proceeded to the admission of new member associations, as well as to complement new members for the Central Council.

At the Conference, representatives had discussed on following issues:

(1) Measures for boosting and re-inforcing activities by central branch Associations, oriented to consulting, criticizing, society appraising, engineers accrediting, undertaking and organising the implementation of public services; strongly enhancing various activities in co-operation with ministries, branches at central level.

(2) Re-inforcement of dynamic power and initiative of provinces, cities’ Unions; building of organisation and improvement of Association capacities; strengthening relationships with various local Party Committees and People’s Committees; pushing up community development activities and famine eradication, po-verty alleviation; forms and measures for collaboration between provinces/ cities Unions with Central branch Associations.

The Third Conference of the VUSTA Central Council had unanimously adopted the Resolution as follows:

1. Ratifyling the Recapitulative Report on activities in 2006 of VUSTA and the orientative work in 2007, the Report of the control Commission, and emphasizing that in 2006, VUSTA had substantially boosted activities and earned many results on development of organization, on consulting, criticizing and society appraising, training and knowledge diffusing, scientific research, technological progress transfer, international cooperation…

2. The Presidium had studied, accepted contributed ideas and concretized it into tasks and measures for implementation, in order to enhance VUSTA activities, especially to support member associations on consulting, criticizing, society appraising; expanding local branch associations and rising professional level of association’s activities; boosting the propaganda, introduction on VUSTA.

3. Through the admission of 14 new member associations: The Vietnam Fishery Association, the Vietnam Statistic Association, the Vietnam Irrigation Association, the Vietnam Nuclear Energy Association, the Vietnam Transport Environment Association, the Vietnam S&T Shipbuilding Association, the Vietnam S&T Aviation Association, the Vietnam Environment Economy Association, the Gia Lai Union, the Kon Tum Union, the Ha Nam Union, the Vinh Long Union, the Binh Phuoc Union, the An Giang Union.

4. Further complementing 41 new members into the Central Council of VUSTA (list enclosed).

The Third Conference of the Central Council term V of VUSTA had closed at 12 o’clock January 20th 2007.


The Presidium

of the Third Conference of Central

Council, Vth Term, VUSTA

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