Pre-history and chinese domination main periods the memorandum of cooperation between china association for science and technology (cast) and Vietnam union of scien and technology associations (Vusta)

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With the aims of strengthening non-governmental scientific and technological link between China and Vietnam, exchanging knowledge and personnel in the fields of science and technology and promoting scientific and technological development in the two countries, the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA) have reached the following agreement:


 The two parties will support the cooperation and exchanges in the fields of scientific and technological development and science popularization and encourage the engineers and scientists in contributing to the scientific and economic advancement of their respective countries.


 The cooperation between the two parties includes:

1.      To enhance the training and vocational studies of engineers, scientists and technical workers.

2.      To disseminate the application of scientific research achievements;

3.      To invite members of the other party to participate in the symposia, conferences as well as other scientific activities held in its own country;

4.      To enhance communication by arranging mutual visits;

5.      To develop joint projects interesting to both parties;

6.      Other forms as agreed upon by both parties.


 The implementation and detailed schedule for the cooperation listed in ARTICLE 2 shall be discussed and agreed by the two parties.


The two parties shall secure funding for their respective participation in the cooperation listed in ARTICLE2.


 This Memorandum, reached on June 15, 1995 and renewed on December XX, 2007, shall be valid for a period of five years upon the date of signature and shall be automatically extended for another period of five years unless one party gives written notice of termination to the other party six months prior to the expiration of this Memorandum.


Dang Nam
Representative of
China Association for Science Technology
& Technology (CAST)

Ho Uy Liem
Representative of
Vietnam Union of Science &
Associations (VUSTA)

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