Message for 2018: National Week of Clean Water and Environment Hygiene of VUSTA

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Water is one of our most precious natural resources, it is essential for life and survival on the Earth. Water, however, is also a cause of human health problems when it is contaminated, or because of natural hazards resulting from water such as storms, floods, and so on. Water is a renewable natural source thanks to its circulation. Unfortunately, water is not an endless source to meet human needs anytime, and anywhere. Therefore, water has been being the cause of disagreements which is increasingly fierce, and can lead to conflicts or war.

Our country is located in the tropical monsoon, with an average annual rainfall of 1500-2000 mm. The average annual rainfall is about 650 billion cubic meters. However, the distribution of rainfall in our country is uneven in space and time. The mountainous areas normally gets much more rain than the lowlands; The difference between heavy rainfall areas and small rainfall ones is 5-6 times.

The awareness of the people and the community about the importance of clean water for life and production has been more and more increasing. However, the current use of water in Vietnam is not economized. In many places, people still consider water as an endless source and the risks of water shortage have not been foreseen, especially in the situation of current climate change and environmental pollution is now a burning issue. In response to the National Week of Clean Water and Environment Hygiene, which is launched annually by the Government, the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) calls for all member associations, including national and provincial technical and scientific associations; provincial and municipal S & T organizations, affiliated ones and media agencies in the VUSTA apparel:


- Strengthen communication and raise awareness: To take initiative in coordinating with agencies and units in intensifying communication activities and raising the awareness of the community and enterprises about the role of clean water conservation and environment hygiene, using water economically and effectively. This is a constant, continuous task, which requires voluntary manner, and high level of self-awareness. - Focus on technical and technology research: To mobilize experts, scientists and organizations to prioritize the research, application and transfer of technologies and techniques for water source protection and preservation, environment hygiene, pollution minimization, to use water economically and efficiently; Consider this as one of the most important tasks of each organization. - Strengthen the socialization of investment and protection of clean water sources and environment hygiene: To call for member and affiliated organizations, donors and all domestic and international organizations to sponsor and implement the research and development of models of water source protection and environment hygiene in communities, working places and production premises, business and service establishments; Make activities of clean water protection and environment hygiene the regular habit, culture of community and all members.



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