Memorandum of Cooperation Agreement between the China Association for Science & Technique (CAST) and the Vietnam Union of S&T Associations (VUSTA)

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Oriented to the objective for re-inforcing the non governmental liaison relationship about science & technology, the exchange of knowledge and human resources in the field of science & technology and for promoting the scientific – technological development between two countries, the China Association for Science & Technique (CAST) and the Vietnam Union of S&T Associations (VUSTA) had reached a mutual agreement as follows:

Article I

The two sides shall support the cooperation and exchange in the field of scientific & technological development, of scientific knowledge diffusion, and encouragement for scientists, engineers contributing to the cause of science and to economic development of each country.

Article II

The cooperation fields of two sides comprise:

1. Enhancing the activities of training and of research for professional training to engineers, scientists and technicians;

2. Diffusing scientific applications and results of scientific researches in practice;

3. Inviting the partner’ side representatives to participate in seminars and other scientific activities to be organised in each country;

4. Strengthening the information, the mutual understanding through bilateral visit trips;

5. Elaborating common projects interested by both sides;

6. Other cooperation forms agreed upon by two sides.

Article III

The implementation and the concrete schedules for cooperation activities mentioned in Article II shall be discussed and agreed upon by the two sides.

Article IV

The two sides ensure the contribution to cooperation activities in concordance with the level having been consented and agreed upon as per Article II.

Article V

This Agreement is signed on December 5th 2007 and will be valid within five years from the date of signature and shall be further valid in subsequent five years, except for the case when one side having official note sent to other side about termination of cooperation within six (06) months prior to the end of this Agreement.


of the China Association for Science & Technique (CAST)


Dang Nam (signed)

Representative of the Vietnam Union of S&T Associations (VUSTA)



Ho Uy Liem (signed)

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