Cooperation agreement between thi ministry of agriculture & rural development and the Vietnam union of science & technique associations period 2006-2010

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Basing on functions, tasks and rights of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (hereinafter called MARD for short) and of the Vietnam Union of Science & Technique Associations (hereinafter called VUSTA for short),

Basing on results of cooperation between MARD and VUSTA recently, for strengthening the cooperation relationship, MARD and VUSTA had agreed to co-operate with main contents as follows:

I. Purpose of co-operation

Grouping and promoting potentialities of scientists, technicians, organisations for scientific research in and out of MARD for implementing the tasks assigned by the Party and Government to contribute to strongly boosting the industrialization, modernization of agriculture and rural development, improving the competitivety of Vietnamese agricultural produces in the period of international integration, for the objectives of making people affluent, country powerful and society equitable, democratic, civilized.

II. Contents of co-operation

Building a long run co-operation programme between two sides as an official legal basis for the co-operation between MARD and VUSTA in the 2006-2010 period.

1. MARD coordinates, creates conditions for VUSTA, member Associations, and affiliate science & technology organisations of VUSTA to organize the implementation of such activities as:

- Participation in the making of strategies, policies for the development of science & technology relevant to agriculture and rural development;

- Participation in the appraisal, critic and assessment of research themes, experimental production projects relevant to agriculture and rural development. Participation in consulting, criticizing and social examination of programmes, projects of investment presided by MARD as per Decision n° 22/2002/QD-TTg dated January 30th 2002 of the Prime Minister concerning activities on consulting, criticizing and social examining of VUSTA.

- Participation in the selection of scientific research themes, of experimental production projects under the administration of MARD.

- Participation in the training, diffusion of knowledge for improving the science and technique level of farmers, the transfer and application of technical progresses to agricultural, forestry production, thus contributing to rise farmers’ income and eradicate famine, alleviate poverty.

2. MARD and VUSTA cooperate in:

- Promoting cooperation in fields of hi-tech, biological technology in agriculture, specifically focused on management of bio-diversity and biological safety in research and development of genus-modified creatures and merchandise goods from genusmodified creatures.

- Organising forums, conferences, seminars relevant to scientific research and technology transfer in the field of agriculture and rural development.

- Promoting propaganda, wide diffusion of science & technology progresses on agriculture and rural development.

- Organising competitions in technical creativity, reward prizes for science & technology creativity and other prizes presided by VUSTA to units and individuals in the sector of agriculture and rural development.

- Creating favourable conditions for units and individuals under MARD to contact and co-operate on science and technology with foreign organisations and individuals, if need be.

- Sharing information on science and technology between MARD and VUSTA periodically each year.

III. Organisation of implementation

1. Annually, on the basis of this agreement, VUSTA, together with MARD, shall elaborate specific cooperation plans, by balancing necessary and sufficient conditions for joint cooperation in implementing, supervising and assessing the results.

2. In the framework of this Agreement, MARD and VUSTA shall have concrete activities and directives in pushing and creating conditions for Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development and Unions of Science and Technology Associations in provinces and cities to agree on cooperation and substantial activities appropriate to real local conditions; annually, they shall have recapitulative reports to be submitted to MARD and VUSTA.

3. Leaders of two sides regularly monitor activities of provincial level units, and periodically-in the fourth quarter-meet together for assessing cooperation achievement and putting forth new cooperation tasks.

4. VUSTA assigns the Divisions of Science, Technology and Economic of Training and Knowledge Diffusion, MARD assigns the Department of Science & Technology as clues for contact, elaboration of annual cooperation plan, and help leadership organize the implementation of plans and in time deal with problems arisen in the process of cooperation.



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Vietnam Union of S-T Associations






Ministry of Agriculture and

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