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Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) seeks for qualified candidates to provide the following services as trainer and trainer assistant for a training program described below.

Training course on policy consultancy and advocacy for member organizations of VUSTA

  • Content and scope
  • The training program is designed in 02 days to cover the following components:

    • Concept and basic principles of policy analysis, policy consultancy and advocacy
    • Steps in designing and implementing a policy consultancy and advocacy program
    • Strategies and skills in policy consultancy and advocacy

    Date of training: from 12 to 13 October 2017

    Venue: North of Viet Nam (Hoa Binh / Vinh Phuc Province).

  • Trainees and selection criteria
  • Target groups of the training course are the local union of science and technology associations of VUSTA in the middle of Vietnam and some professional associations as well as some affiliated organizations of VUSTA.

  • Trainers and selection criteria
  • One key trainer and One assistant trainer will be selected and recruited to design and facilitate the training program. The contribution and added values that these consultants will bring into the program can be seen in more detail on the timeline and tasks below.

    The trainer should meet the following minimum qualifications:

    • Experience in policy analysis, consultancy and advocacy
    • Practical engagement in policy consultancy and advocacy works
    • Holding Master degree in social sciences
    • Over 10 years’ experience in relevant areas of work
    • Understanding about VUSTA system is an asset

    The assistant trainer should meet the following minimum qualifications:

    • Basic experience in policy advocacy and policy analysis
    • Holding university degree in social sciences or related fields
    • Over 5 years’ experience in relevant areas of work
    • Understanding about VUSTA system is an asset

    Expected tasks delivered by trainer and assistant trainer:


    Key tasks

    No. of day of key trainer

    No. of day of assistant trainer

  • Develop detail training plan based on the Guidebook and pre-training assessment results



  • Analyzing assessment results and feed backs of prospective trainees



  • Adjust training plan based on trainees’ feedback



  • Training and facilitation delivery



  • End-course assessment analysis and proposed adjustment for the follow-up activities



  • Final report writing up



  • Coaching of selected trainees who could initiate proposals







  • Timing and contact person for candidates:
    • CV (Vietnamese & English)
    • Time: from 28/9 to 05/10/2017
    • Contact person: Ms. Dang Thanh Thao

    Department for International Cooperation, VUSTA

    Add: R.303, 53 Nguyen Du Str., Hanoi

    Tel: 04.39439911

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