Vietnam will have commercial satellite by 2020

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Vietnam will have commercial satellite by 2020

On September 10th in Hanoi, Vietnam National Satellite Centre (Vietnam Academy Of Science And Technology) and Science and Technology Journalists' Club jointly organize the workshop “The overview of satellite technology and its application”.


After successfully manufacturing PicoDragon satellite (2013), Vietnam plans to design and manufacture the Nano satellite named NanoDragonweightting 10 kg by 2016, the micro satellite named MicroDragon weighting 50 kg by 2018, and the small satellite called LOTUSat2 weighting 500kg by 2020, said Associate Prof. Dr. Pham Anh Tuan, Director of the Vietnam National Satellite Centre at the workshop.

LOTUSat2- a commercial satellite is expected to produce satellite images for exporting. By this time, Vietnam will be one of the ASEAN countries leading in small satellite technology. Currently, there are only 3 ASEAN countries including Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam able to manufacture satellites by themselves. Thailand has not yet manufactured satellites while Singapore has planning. Therefore, by designing and manufacturing the LOTUSat2 satellite in 2020, Vietnam will have commercial satellites to sell satellite images abroad.

According to the National Satellite Centre, Vietnam has to produce and own satellites.However, Vietnam is facing with difficulties in human resources.  Now, Vietnam does nothave universities training universal engineers but some units associating with foreignuniversities.

To solve this problem, the National Satellite Centre is active in in-house training humanresources, sends people to Japan to study for Master’s and jointly trains human resourcesin Vietnam. Up to now, there have been 36 universal masters trained in Japan by thebudget of national space technology project.

The National Satellite Centre also associates with the Hanoi University of Science andTechnology to train masters and doctors in space and application, with the University ofEngineering and Technology to train universal engineers. However, these trainingprograms are joint programs so they have not been given codes.

Translated by Nga Nguyen

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