Science Communication creates strong diffusion

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Science Communication creates strong diffusion

Vietnam Science and Technology Day is a great opportunity to focus on advocacy, creating interest and raising social awareness of the importance of Science and Technology for the development of country. So, what solution should media apply to help Science and Technology affect positively on all aspects of social life. Dr. Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai discussed this problem.

- How do you assess the role of Science Communication in recent time?

- Communication always plays a very important role, not only in the field of Science and Technology. When the first armed forces was established (12/22/1944), Uncle Ho named the team as Vietnam Armed Propaganda Liberation Brigade. Propaganda was always a top priority, soldiers was also the pioneers on that front. We are living in the great atmosphere of many historical celebrations in April and May. On these occasions, when we recall a tragic and proud period of history, we can penetrate the role and significance of propaganda activities. Our nation went into an ethnic struggle with full of hardships and sacrificed to patriotism with unshakable faith in the power of justice and final victory.

Great lesson about the role of the communication need studying thoroughly so that we can grasp their applicability to new fields in new circumstances. There may be an opinion that this is so reluctant. However, I think, patriotism and faith has always set the foundation of Vietnam's power in today's world, we are motivated to find a way and methods to improve scientific and technological power and contribute to the country’s prosper.

- What should Science Communication do to enhance and associate Science and Technology with social life?

- There is a lot of work to do, but I'm stating the following tasks: Firstly, activities of Science Communication need to make social strata, from the leaders to people, acutely aware that scientific development is a top national policy. Therefore, its success or failure will determine the fate of the entire national development policies. From the above perspective, the Central Resolution No. 20 of Scientific and Technological Development confirms policy priorities and focus all resources to develop national science and technology. However, this policy has not really come to life so far. Therefore, Science Communication activities do not just stop at disseminating policies, but they also have to establish many forums analyzing and dissecting the causes and responsibilities, in order to create a strong public opinion to the policies and apply them in life.

Secondly, Science Communication should inspire confidence and ambition of intellectuals, especially the young generation. In a globalized world of rapid development with many opportunities and challenges, the scramble for talents in Science Communication is going on fiercely. Having excellent workforce is a precondition that holds competitive advantage in developing knowledge-based economy and strengthens nation’s rank in the world chart. At present, our country has a large number of bachelors, engineers, masters and PhD in prestige research and training center in country and abroad with diverse sectors of many generations. However, scientific and technological manpower is generally fragmented, and it has not been set the task to implement the National Science and Technology major. Many people find opportunity for long-term stay abroad, or move to other jobs after basic training. Due to many reasons, scientists have not been respected, they lose the passion for studying, confidence and ambition of dedication . This is a waste and huge loss.

Thirdly, we need a diversification of forms, contents, participants and targets of Science Communication.

In a fiercely competitive communication world, Science Communication must find their own way to be more public, especially to young people. In order to reach that goal, forms and contents of Science Communication must become various, attractive, and easily accessible; we have to make complex things become easy to understand. Science Communication is not only the work of the scientists but it also has to attract businesses, workers, farmers and many people. One of the things to do is propaganda about the typical researcher whose applications provide practical effect.

Workforces participating in field of Science Communication must be professional trained and provided with working facilities; their knowledge and passion for science and technology must be fostered as well. Science Communication is not only the task of the journalists and reporters. Government scientists, managers, entrepreneurs, etc. also need to get involved and enthusiastically support communication activities. Science Communication must be continually modernized in order to catch up with the international level.

Currently, the communication was initially invested, however, it is still very limited and mainly from the state budget. In the future, on one hand, we need to increase investment from public funds; on the other hand, we should promote the socialization of investment activities for Science Communication. The communication facilities have to concern and give appropriate length for this field, as this is public tasks.

 - Sir, how do you evaluate the opportunity to promote the dissemination of scientific and technological sector on the occasion of Vietnam Science and Technology Day?

- Article No.7 of the Law on Science and Technology in 2013 officially declare May 18th as Vietnam Science and Technology Day. We decided to choose this day because Uncle Ho attended and spoke at the First Congress of Vietnam Association of Science and Technology Propaganda on 18/05/1963: “Science has to come from manufacturing and it has to find a way back to contribute to manufacturing and day-today life. So that, labor productivity will increase and people’s life quality will be improved continuously, which ensure for the success of socialism.”

This is a great day for the country's scientific and technological sectors. It brings advocacy opportunities to promote scientific and technological development, and creates the new climax of developments and diffusion of Science Communication. I want to send best wishes to people working in the field of Science Communication in our country.

- Sincerely thank you!

Translated by Nga Nguyen


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