Organize an International Biology Olympiad in Vietnam

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Organize an International Biology Olympiad in Vietnam

The Prime Minister has approved a scheme to organize 27th International Biology Olympiad 2016 in Vietnam (IBO 2016).

 IBO 2016 will be organized at Hanoi in 8 days (from 17th July 2016 to 24th July 2016) with the participation of 70 delegations from 70 countries and territories. Each delegation has about 8 members, including leaders, students and observers.

Minister of Education and Training Department will be Chief of the National Steering Committee IBO 2016; Deputy Minister of Education and Training Department will be Deputy of Standing Committee.

 The approval of the scheme in order to organize the 27th International Biology Olympiad  2016 in Vietnam, to encourage learning and teaching Biology in the School; finding,  fostering and training of talented students in Biology and making good foreign policy which advocates the integration of the Party and State.

To achieve this objective, the scheme requires compliance with the Charter of the IBO, the provisions of the International Operations Center for the IBO host country and the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; mobilize participation, inter-sectoral coordination of ministries, branches and localities related to organize IBO in 2016, ensure scientific, economical, security, safety and efficiency; express friendship, solidarity, national cultural identity; create a good impression about the country and people of Vietnam to international friends.

25th International Biology Olympiad 2014 was organized in Indonesia (from 5th -13th July 2014) with the participation of more than 200 contestants competed in two parts: theory and practice. Vietnam had four candidates who won 1 Silver Medal and 3 Bronze Medals.

Achievements of the International Biology Olympiad Delegation this year has affirmed Vietnam's efforts in the teaching and learning of Biology and set the stage for success in both terms of organizational procedures and achievements of Vietnam in 27th International Biology Olympiad which Vietnam will be hosted in 2016.

Translated by Nga Nguyen

Author: Phuong Nhi
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