Opening the 21th National Mathematics Olympic for students

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The excellent students from universities, academies attended the 21th Mathematics Olympic

The excellent students from universities, academies attended the 21th Mathematics Olympic

Ministry of education and training, Unions of Science and Technology Associations, Central Vietnam Student Associations, Vietnam Mathematics Society, and Pham Van Dong and Quang Ngai University have operated opening the 21th National Mathematics Olympic for students ceremony in Quang Ngai culture – labor house on 8th April

 The Mathematics Olympic has been attracted to 85 delegations from universities, colleges and academies with more than 700 candidates, and some assign to both Algebra and Calculus.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Huu Du – Chairman of Vietnam Mathematics Society said that Mathematics is always honored and people still admire to people studied mathematics, and some scientists devote all of life for mathematics.

Many people have compared maths as a wisdom sport which participants could develop both of personality and thinking. Maths is foundation to help other economics, sciences developing to serve human life.

The 21th National Mathematics Olympic purpose is creating an intellect playground to improve quality of teaching and studying Maths, promoting study movement of students as well as detecting and fostering students be good at mathematics in universities and colleges across the country.

With this mission, this competition is expected to create something new, not only to honor awarded talent candidates but only finding a good way to study in order to make student love and close to maths.

Taking part in the Mathematics Olympic in Quang Ngai is a chance for students, teachers across the country to discovery cultural-historic heritage as well as exchange and learn about people of Quang region - hometown of Hoang Sa hero team in the past.

 “For Pham Van Dong University, this important event will create favorable environment, chance to interact with other universities and colleges in the country for continuously improving training quality purpose” said Le Quang Thich – Deputy Chairman of Quang Ngai People’s Committee stressed.

There are innovative teaching maths in technical school workshop and interacting activity between students and mathematicians in time the Mathematics Olympic took place. The delegations will visit some sites and famous landscapes in Quang Ngai.

The National Mathematics Olympic for students is taken place from 7th to 13th, April. Closing and awarding ceremony is going to be held on the morning of the 12th, April.

Translated by Nga Nguyen

Author: VNA
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