Harvester inventor’s dreams

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Harvester inventor’s dreams

Truong Minh Hai, a mechanic from the Central province of Ha Tinh has successfully invented a rice-harvesting machine from waste material, helping farmers save time and money.

 Simplicity and efficiency

Arriving in Mr. Hai’s mechanical workshop, we saw the 56-year-old man cleaning his machines.

Mr. Hai was very eager when we asked him about his newly-invented rice-harvesting machine.

Seeing that though farmers have to get up very early to harvest their crop whenever the crop comes, the productivity remains very low, the thought of inventing a rice harvester which can help people save time and energy came to my mind.

Accidentally, when I was repairing the harvester of a farmer, I found out the way to operate the machine, and I decided to invent a similar one, he said.

Mr. Hai used all spare parts of his old motorbike including the engine, the chain and brakes. He also had to buy other parts from waste traders.

Having to work for his living in the day time, the “inventor” only had time for his invention at night and completed his invention after three months working hard.

The petrol-run machine is 1 meter in width and 2.5 meter in length and is about 100 kilos in weight.

Testing his machine in the summer-autumn crop in 2009, he was very surprised to see that it took only three hours to harvest nearly an acre of rice, equivalent to 10 people working in several days.

The simple-designed machine, which is made of scrap iron, can operate in narrow fields where a modern combine harvester can not work.

Simple dreams

Mechanic Truong Minh Hai has so far made three harvesters from waste material. The machine, which cost only 10 million VND, can harvest a thousand square meters of rice in only 30 minutes with total cost of 150,000 VND.

The machine help farmers save not only time but also energy. Therefore, Mr. Hai is usually very busy during the crop.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hai from Cam Xuyen district said it is difficult for a combine harvester to work in the low-lying fields, so people in his district used to work very hard.

Mr. Hai’s machine has been very useful to us, he said.

Mr. Hai, however, said he wanted to perfect his harvester.

I would like the machine to cut and collect rice at the same time, he said.

It is said that his machine has been submitted to VTV’s “inventors’ program”. Mr. Hai has also been granted a certificate of merit by the Ha Tinh provincial People’s Committee for his invention.

Talking about his further research and invention, Mr. Hai said he is not healthy and wealthy enough to further perfect the machine.

I am willing to share my invention with individuals or businesses interested in improving it, said he, expressing his hope that the machine can really help farmers.

Mr. Do Van Khoa, Director of the Ha Tinh provincial Department for Science and Technology, said Mr. Hai’s invention has been effectively brought to life.

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