Expert database: Thirst for practical and effective solutions

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Expert database: Thirst for practical and effective solutions

On 30th June 2014 in Hanoi, the Center for Information on non-governmental organizations (NGO) – Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) held the Workshop on Solutions for relating the expert database to policy makers and partners. The workshop was chaired by Dr. Phan Xuan Dung – President of Committee on Science, Technology and Environment of the National Assembly, Dr. Tran Viet Hung – Vice president of VUSTA, and Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ho Uy Liem – President of Center for Information on NGO.

 According to Dr. Le Minh Hong – Director of Center for Scientific Research, Legislative Research Institute under the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, VUSTA needs to work out practical and effective solutions such as giving priority to experts who are Master or Doctor or those who have one of the following academic titles: Associate Professor, Professor, Senior researcher, senior specialist, senior engineer, or equivalent titles when performing the tasks of giving social consultancy, commentary, and observation on significant socioeconomic development projects.

Dr. Hong also added that it is essential to define the stringent expert selection criteria which could satisfy the requirements of giving social consultancy, commentary, and observation on significant projects, schemes, and programs. The requirements of giving the commentary on the decision making process of the policy makers as well as the drafts of policies and legal documents in different areas should be met, too. In addition, it is required to pay attention to the legal scientists, experts on social sciences and humanities, or experienced specialists in the development, observation, and investigation of legal projects, ordinances, drafts of the National Assembly’s and the Standing Committee’s resolutions, projects on the organization and operation of the National Assembly and committees under the National Assembly, and important national programs which must be approved by the National Assembly.  


Dr. Han Manh Tien – President of Vietnam Association of Business Executives expressed the opinion that the use of experts, meaning consulting or asking the experts for advices, is the foremost crucial point which decides whether the experts are talented, virtuous, and in want of cooperating with the expert employers or not. If the use of experts is not effective, the employers could only receive superficial comments and most of the experts may feel reluctant to collaborate.

According to Dr. Tien, it is required to expand the connections to Occupational Associations outside VUSTA, institutes, and universities in order to both promote the expert database and add more experts in such areas into the database. Also, the policy on the expert employer’s feedback and assessment by scheme and tasks should be put in force. Besides, VUSTA must pay attention and encourage the experts to register, based on which the Union should use such experts in its activities and most importantly, consider this solution a significant tool that helps boost the enthusiasm of scientific and technical experts.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Truong Duy Nghia – President of VUSTA believed that retired experts with good health should be kept employed because they are the country’s precious asset. Most of them have become the members of occupational associations. In fact, Vietnamese intelligentsia possesses good features, and they are always in want of being able to devote their talent and experience to fulfill the assigned task regardless of the small rewards.

According to Mr. Mai Phan Loi – Head of Scientific Committee under the Center for Public Education and Communication, as the motive force in the implementation organization of giving social consultancy, commentary and observation on projects, VUSTA should effectively underplay its leading role by properly providing the coordination and support services. The focus point of this hard task revolves around the selection of experts and prudent talent management to make the social consultancy, commentary, and observation effective.

In his closing speech, Dr. Tran Viet Hung – Vice President of VUSTA gave assessment of the ideas raised by the scientists and concluded that the consultancy and commentary undertakings might take two forms. First, it could be the scientific and technical intelligentsias who long for making contribution to the country and the people proactively making comments on the projects without being paid. Secondly, should the experts act as independent specialists, they must be paid well.

The Union exists and develops as a system, so it is impossible to claim that it does less than the member Associations. Actually, it is the Union who will preside over the implementation of any interdepartmental task as well as the creation of the link among the experts of different fields within the system to bring about the collective strength.

Translated by Nga Nguyen

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