Dien Hong Festival for veteran scientists

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Dien Hong Festival for veteran scientists

This year, the Ministry of Science and Technology organized a Scientific and Technological Festival on a national scale for the first time in accordance with the amended Law on Science and Technology in 2013. This is a pride and a joy for Communist Party which has put their faith and appreciation on the dedication and contribution of the scientific community in the construction, land development and water protection. On this occasion, as a scientist, I wish that Science and Technology would actually become national policy and motivation for social-economic development.

As we know, the development of an era and a country depends on many factors, but the deciding factor is still human resource and science - technology. If we do not recognize the crucial role of Science and Technology, everything we do will be in vain. Let’s take a simple example: We wouldn’t have had illustrious victory in Dien Bien Phu battle field 60 years ago if we hadn’t had a  genius leadership of the Communist Party, Uncle Ho and General Vo Nguyen Giap and the strength of national solidarity, combined with artillery 37mm,  cannon105-mm, and multiple -barreled cannon platforms "Cachiusa". In agriculture, before 1986, Vietnam still lacked food and was hungry. However, thanks to the "green revolution”, which changed Chiem rice by Xuan rice and implemented "Exchange 10", we have ranked second in the chart of the world's biggest rice exporters up to now. Therefore, Vietnam should be aware of the decisive role of Science and Technology in order to successful in restructuring the economy. From senior leaders, managers, policy makers to scientists, businesses and all classes of people should take action together to accomplish some good basic innovations in Amended Law on Science and Technology in 2013.

Besides, we have to create breakthrough in building science and technology’s workforce and in aggregating, attracting and training talents strategy. Some say because of the difficult economic conditions we are not attracted to talents or there are few real talents but many fake doctorate degrees... Is it real situation? In the long history of out nation, it is not uncommon to have talents. We have many scientists such as Le Quy Don, Nguyen Trai, poet Nguyen Du. During the resistance against the French and American colonialism, our economic difficulties multiplied, but Uncle Ho (1946) still invited many professionals. Academician Tran Dai Nghia, Dr. Tran Huu Tuoc, Prof. Ta Quang Buu , lawyer Nguyen Huu Tho, etc. Currently we have Prof. Dang Thai Son - winner of the Chopin Piano, Professor Ngo Bao Chau - who won International Mathematics Prize (equivalent of the Nobel Prize) and other hundreds of students winning international prize...

We need to create breakthroughs in organizational system; facilities have to be modern and convenient enough. National public organizing system of Science and Technology must be unified on demand of production, life, society and national defense. Universities are educational units for scientific and technological activities and require register. The establishment of enterprises working in the field of Science and Technology and non-public scientific organization is encouraged.

At the same time, we also need to have breakthrough in managing in Science and Technology in order to perform the tasks of Science and Technology. The order model in organizing Science and Technology activities is considered as the best method to associate aims of Science and Technology with practical situation. There should be a fundamental reform in the examination, evaluation, acceptance in scientific and technological projects associated with the final product acceptance by the Council and other experts.  We need to create a breakthrough in the mechanism and financial investment.

Also, we have to create breakthrough results in the transfer of scientific and technological research. In fact, there are so many situations of which researches have no practical applications. What is the cause of this case? For example, in agriculture, we also have hybrid rice brand in Vietnam having copyright transfer at the cost of ten billions dong, even just to sell for foreign companies. Every year, we are actively producing millions tons of rice seeds, ensuring that over 7 million hectares of rice-growing countries. We also had the same rice sold at 600 USD/1 ton, while the average price of rice was only achieved below 400 USD/tons , we have recently invented japonica rice which can be exported to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea  with the productivity gains from 6-8 tons/ ha , we have maize which gains  8-10 tons/ ha, the average corn yield in the country only 4.3 tons/ ha, soybean varieties have reached 3 to 3.5 tons/ ha, but only an average yield of 1.5 tons/ ha, we there are varieties reach 4-5 tons/ ha, but the average yield is only 2 tons/ ha , etc. So, the problem is not about good, not the chain restaurant industry, poor post-harvest technology.

So, we have to unite. Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association promote their role in the intelligentsia gathering all around the country. Specifically, the Law on Science and Technology 2013 has amended the provisions of the Ministry of Science and Technology with clear authority and responsibility c in the full authority in planning, orientations, objectives and tasks of Science and Technology every 5 years.

Finally, the Government proposes to build "Scheme to put scientific staff to rural, particularly newly graduated engineers" to accompany farmers to build new rural areas, making Vietnam become "agricultural superpower" in the near future. Let the annual Science and Technology Day become "Dien Hong festival" of scienties, so that Science and Technology will actually become direct incentive to socio-economic development.

Prof. Dr. Sc. Academician. Dang Vu Minh: Vietnam Science and Technology Day held every year will give people a chance to learn more this field.

Most of fields have traditional day but not Science and Technology. Amended Law on Science and Technology 2013 took May 18th as Vietnam Science and Technology Day for the first time. This is the encouragement and great cheer to all people who are doing research and deployment in scientific and technological institutes, universities, institutions. I hope that on the occasion of Vietnam Science and Technology Day, through the mass media, people will have opportunity to learn more about this industry and its achievements and challenges. I also hope that Science and Technology Day held every year will change the people’s option on occupation options and contribute to the development of Scientific and Technological talents in our country.

However, in order to make Science and Technology actually became national policy and motivation for Socio-economic development, on one hand, we have to pay attention to the training of a scientific and technological staff  appearing in the process of building and protecting the country. On the other hand, we have to invest appropriately in Science and Technology under the deciding direction for the country's development. At the same time, there must be a suitable managing mechanism facilitating motivation and encouragement to talented people in order to bring all the wisdom and strength of their dedication to the country.

Prof. Academician Nguyen Van Hieu: We have to quickly implement General Resolution No.6 in training young people.

Although our Party and Government always affirm Science and Technology along with education and training is a top national policy, people still don’t evaluate Science and Technology comprehensively. To become the first national policy, we have to create favorable conditions for scientists, particularly young scientists, in mechanism and investment. The fact remains that many young scientists working abroad are still passionate and devoted to the science in our nation. However, they are having the "barriers" that cannot unleash his ability to contribute to the country. So I think we have to quickly implement General Resolution No.6 in training young people.

Prof. Dr., Labor hero Vo Tong Xuan: I hope, all Vietnamese citizens would be interested in science and scientific activities.

Vietnam celebrate the Science and Technology Day, this is a good event confirming the important role of Science and Technology in the sustainable development of the country. I hope all Vietnamese citizens would be interested in science and scientific activities.

Our country is in the process of integration to the world economy so that we need many innovations in all areas. This is a prerequisite for our country to go up in the world’s ranking. Party and Government always uphold this goal, but our system is not organized to accomplish that goal in a reasonable manner so many talents and many good ideas were hatched and passion of young generation has been wasted. If this situation continues, and the absence of a national program - "enhance competitiveness", the country is hard to go to the next level in the world. The "brain drain” is a big problem; the government should have attracted policy decisions, talent remuneration, and facilitated good environment for young people in scientific research. When we discover what will work effectively, there should be investment to do it immediately and do not leave it tomorrow.

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