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PM Nguyen Tan Dung announced: “The 18th May is Vietnam Science and Technology Day” Photo: VGP/ Nhat Bac

PM Nguyen Tan Dung announced: “The 18th May is Vietnam Science and Technology Day” Photo: VGP/ Nhat Bac

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, on behalf of the Government, announced respectfully “the 18th May is Vietnam Science and Technology Day” and emphasized that science and technology would be the lever in processes of economic restructuring, growth model transformation, and enhancing economic productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness to make Vietnam become an industrialized country in the near future.

PM Nguyen Tan Dung have attended “Vietnam Science and Technology Day” announcement ceremony on the morning of the 18th May”

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh – Former Vice President, Mr. Pham Gia Khiem – Former Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Vu Duc Dam – Deputy Prime Minister, some leaders of some Central ministries and agencies and numerous scientists have attended, too.

President Ho Chi Minh said in the National Representatives’ Congress of Vietnam Association of Science and Technology Propaganda on the 18th May 1963 “Tasks of science and technology is very important so that everyone, every branches must to participate in science and technology works in order to enhance labor productivity and produce materials for building socialism successfully”

Vietnam Congress has passed Science and Technology Law regulating the 18th May to be the Science and Technology Day annually on the 18th June 2013.

Science and Technology Day honors scientists, scientific and technological achievements, propagandas and spreads scientific knowledge enhances awareness, and stimulates the pride of Vietnam intellectuals, passion for working and innovating of Vietnamese people especially, Vietnamese youth in constructing and defending nation.

At the announcement ceremony of Vietnam Science and Technology Day this morning, PM Nguyen Tan Dung had highly evaluated great contribution of science and technology on every aspect of social sciences and humanities, nature science, technical science, and technology with our revolution in the past as well as protecting and constructing nation nowadays.

PM Nguyen Tan Dung congratulated scientists. Photo: VGP/ Nhat Bac

The Prime Minister, on behalf of the Government, praised generations of officials in Science and Technology field especially their sacrifice, silent dedication and selfless labor inside and outside the country who were passionate and pursuit of researching and innovating dream and ambition. The Prime Minister also praised branches and classes supporting to Science and Technology forces to complete tasks entrusted by the Party and the State.

PM Nguyen Tan Dung also stated that we were living in globalization era and international integration. The country with higher competitive advantage will have opportunity to overcome and develop fast and sustainable. Competition among nations is competing of intellectual resources reflecting in the quality of human resources and science and technology levels. The 6th Central Resolution (6th Course)  of the Party of developing science and technology have emphasized that development and application of science and technology be the top national policy, one of the most important driving force for economic and social development and national defense. Science and Technology would be the leverage of economic restructuring, growth model transformation processes, and enhancing economic productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness to make Vietnam become an industrialized country in the near future.

In order to achieve these targets, PM Nguyen Tan Dung proposed that science and technology activities in the near future have to focus on one of these oriented directions such as effectively deploying the 6th Central Resolution (6th Course) of developing science and technology, attach special importance to carry out task focusing on industrialization, modernization, building and protecting the country.

Strengthening national scientific and technological potential; Developing strongly and effectively social sciences and humanities; Building and deploying basic science programs in some fields such as mathematics, physics, life science, and marine science; Focusing on developing highly applicable fields, some interdisciplinary fields between nature science and engineering and technology science; Building some science and technology institutes, researching university as advanced models in the world. Besides the State budget, we need to mobilize social resources from enterprises’ capital for science and technology applications into manufacturing and trading.  


Continuing to innovate strongly and synchronously management of operating science and technology mechanisms; implementing the State mechanism of Science and Technology tasks going with responsibility using Science and Technology results for national, enterprises, branches, classes and local needs.

PM Nguyen Tan Dung, on behalf of the Party’s leaders, awarding three stars Independence Order for Ministry of Science and Technology

Expeditiously issuing and concreting appreciate official policy, caring about leading scientists, scientists assigned to chair important national tasks, talented young scientists; having practical and efficient policies and mechanism to attract abroad Vietnamese scientists and foreign experts to cooperate in national science and technology activities.

Promoting the development of science and technology market towards developing network of organizations, technician services, brokerage, environment, transfer, consulting, assessment and technology evaluation; Developing national information system of technology, technician experts, and supply – demand connection of new products.

Promoting cooperation and international integration in direction of science and technology cooperation at national level, cooperation in researching with strategic partners, developed countries; strengthening effectiveness of network representing Vietnam science and technology in focus regions having source technology, high technology etc.

* PM Nguyen Tan Dung, on behalf of the Party and State, awarded three stars Independence Order for Ministry of Science and Technology.


Translated by Nga Nguyen

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