3 Vietnamese students received Russia’s nuclear power scholarships

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They are 3 candidates getting the highest prize in 2014 Physics Olympiad operated by Russia Atomic Energy Corporation– Rosatom. The award ceremony was held in Hanoi.

They are Dang Quoc Anh from Ha Tinh (HUS, VNU), Nguyen Minh Nhan (Luong Van Chanh specialize high school, Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen), and Bui Thi Hang (2nd Lang Giang high school, Bac Giang) passing 852 contestants from 680 participated school, respectively received top prizes.

Besides monetary rewards, the 3 students have chance to be trained in Russia universities in the special programs 14.05.02 “The nuclear power plants: Designing, operating and technical maintaining”

The list of 100 contestants achieving high rewards in the 2014 Physics Olympiad will be sent to the Ministry of Education and Training.  These will be prior if they register to scholarships in Russia as Government scholarship program.

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, Russia will support training 600 people of nuclear power for Vietnam annually and this number is expected to increase to 1.200 people by 2020.

Besides actual and professional experience in constructing nuclear power plants, the training and enhancing professional skills include strengthening working skills with technical documents, mastering safety technologies and comprehending Russia quality standards in operating nuclear power plants.

Rosatom has been supporting Vietnam in training personnel of constructing and operating nuclear power plants. There were more than 240 Vietnamese students trained in Russia institutes and universities on nuclear technology in 2013. Rosatom also organized internship in nuclear at power facilities under construction in Russia for professional and there were 51 Vietnam trainees completing tasks at construction sites. Russia will give 70 atomic energy scholarships lasting 5 to 6 training years for Vietnam.

Translated by Nga Nguyen

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