Speech of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the 8th National Congress of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations term 2020-2025
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On the morning of December 25, in Hanoi, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended and delivered a speech at the 8th National Congress of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, term 2020-2025. Vusta.vn would like to introduce the full text of the Prime Minister's remarks.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Attending the 8th National Congress term 2020 - 2025 of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, I have many deep expectations and great faith in the intellectuals and Vietnamese scientists-technologists.

As you all know, the topic of science and technology has been comprehensively mentioned as in the past years from smart agriculture to the industrial revolution 4.0; especially when the digital transformation process is taking place in many fields and in many countries, Vietnam is determined not to be left behind. This is even more meaningful when the 8th National Congress of the Party is approaching.

The successful industrialized countries are great powers in science and technology. In contrast, the countries that are stagnant in the middle-income group are mostly countries that have not had many breakthroughs in the use of scientific and technological knowledge for development.

The Vietnamese intellectuals have been increasingly maturing, innovating in quantity and quality, with a spirit of self-confidence and a growing ability to integrate into regional and global playgrounds. I would like to give an example in the global Covid-19 pandemic, the vaccine researching and developing capacity of Vietnamese Health Sector has shown the ability is not inferior at all to any countries with greater economic potential than Vietnam.

I fully believe in Vietnam's bright path to rise, the path to escape middle-income trap, the path to become a prosperous country and a powerful nation in 2045, with the power of knowledge, science and technology, continuous and non-stop innovation and creation.

On behalf of the Party and State leaders, I warmly welcome all members of the country to the Congress. Let me send my best regards and best wishes to all members of VUSTA – a umbrella organization of Vietnamese scientific and technological intellectuals.

Distinguished guests

Over the past 75 years, since the country regained its independence up to now, the contingent of Vietnamese intellectuals has continuously grown and made great contributions to national construction and defense.

Learning Uncle Ho's ideology in the use of talented and virtuous people, Resolution 27-NQ / TW dated August 6, 2008 of the Central Executive Committee (Session X) affirmed: “Building a contingent of intellectuals strong in knowledge is to directly raise the nation's intellectual level, the strength of the country, improve the Party's leadership capacity and the operational quality of the political system. Investment in building the contingent of intellectuals is an investment in sustainable development”.

Since its establishment in 1983 up to now, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations has always affirmed its position and important role, which is the gathering place and the creativity promotion of domestic and overseas scientific intellectuals, making an important contribution to the development of national scientific and technological potentials, socio-economic development and maintaining national defense and security.

The Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations has grown stronger and stronger, with 152 member associations, gathering more than 3.7 million members; activities are increasingly diversified and plentiful. We have been awarded the Ho Chi Minh Medal, the Independence Medal and other noble awards.

During the term 2015 - 2020, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations has made progress in both scale, quality and efficiency of operations, system development from the central to the provinces. It is a good environment for uniting the scientific and technological intellectuals, fostering patriotism, political consciousness, civic responsibility in associations; becoming a reliable intellectual address of the Party and State in advising major issues on undertakings, lines and policies; actively promoting activities of social consultation, criticism and assessment, contributing to consolidating scientific arguments for large programs and projects. The Union at the central and local levels and its member associations have been interested in organizing awards and contests for scientific and technological creation, honoring the collective and typical intellectuals in the country; at the same time enhancing international cooperation activities on science and technology, contributing to promoting international cooperation activities, improving the image and reputation of our country, attracting the participation of a large number of Vietnamese overseas science and technology intellectuals.

On behalf of the Party and State leaders, I warmly congratulate, commend and respectfully thank the great contributions to the country by the team of intellectuals from the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations.

However, in this Congress, we need to realize that, the field of science and technology still has limitations, has not met the expectations of the Party, State, business community and people. I would like to point out a few points:

Many manufacturers faced with problems related to technology and equipment improvement often seek foreign consultants and manufacturers. It is a sad reality, a challenge and a requirement that we need to overcome.

In many places, various heavily theoretical research projects only contribute to thickening the storage cabinets in the library. Research is necessary, but if it does not associate with reality and meet the requirements of reality, then it is a failure.

We are engrossed in researching sublime issues without paying attention to the simple application needs of reality, then watch Vietnamese businesses pay large sums of money to foreign countries to answer the problems we are unable to solve.

Why do we have so many internationally recognized and qualified doctors in the medical field? This is thanks to the good, effective connection between the application of scientific and technical advances with training, research and application. In other areas, this link needs to be even more clear and effective.

Vietnamese scientists may be good scientists, but not necessarily good consultants. It is necessary to change the way of thinking, skills and working culture to catch up with reality as well as adapt to the needs of the market, of enterprises and contribute more to the development of the country.

In order to implement those orientations, the role and participation of the Vietnam Union is very important. I basically agree with the orientation, goals and tasks of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association term VIII (2020 - 2025) outlined in the Political Report submitted to the Congress. I would like to highlight some of the following issues:

Firstly, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations needs to be more proactive in grasping and implementing the Party's guidelines on science and technology development, especially the Resolution of the 8th Party Congress; actively participate in the implementation of scientific and technological development goal, improve the quality of human resources, promote innovation, strongly apply science and technology in reality, protect the environment and national security.

Secondly, VUSTA is a core force, taking the lead in building the contingent of Vietnamese intellectuals; gathering and uniting Vietnamese intellectuals in the country and overseas, stepping up political and ideological education so that the intellectuals are deeply aware of their responsibility towards the country; deepening the close relationship between intellectuals, the Party, the State and the people; strengthening the great national solidarity on the basis of workers- peasants and intellectuals union.


Thirdly, gathering the contingent, resources to propose and advise the Party and the State on important issues on national development policies and directions. The Union must be a reliable knowledge address of the Party and State, especially for scientific knowledge, and also in the advocacy and arousing the spirit of creativity and dedication in the intellectual contingent.

Fourthly, striving to build the Union into a strong socio-political organization, playing a pivotal role in gathering, uniting and promoting the creative capacity intellectuals, representing the voice of the national science and technology people, protecting legitimate rights and interests and supporting the developing needs of system members; continuing to complete the apparatus of the Vietnam Union from central to local.

Fifth, the Party committees and authorities at all levels need to raise more awareness about the role and position of the Union in the new situation; strengthen the leadership and direction of the commissars and authorities at all levels; perfect mechanisms and policies, and create favorable conditions for the Vietnam Union from the central to local levels to well fulfill its assigned tasks.

With the spirit of: "Solidarity - Creation - Innovation - Development", the 8th Congress of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations will transmit a new spirit, arouse responsibility and aspirations in each member and intellectual in the whole country, correspond to the glorious tradition of nearly 40 years of construction and development. Especially, on behalf of the Party and State leaders, I have acknowledged the contributions of Professor Dang Vu Minh to the VUSTA over the past years.

Wishing all delegates and comrades healthy, happy, entering the new year, new term with greater successes in the cause of science and technology research as well as in the construction and national development in a new phase.

Thank you very much!