Opening speech by VUSTA President Phan Xuan Dung at national Vietnam Scientists and Technologists Convention
05/10/2021 9:38 SA 61 lượt xem
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Ha Noi, September 15, 2021, VUSTA held the national convention “Vietnam’s scientists and technologists in executing Resolution adopted by the Thirteenth Party Congress”. is honored to present the opening speech by Party Committee Secretary, VUSTA President Phan Xuan Dung at the Convention.

Comrade Pham Minh Chinh, Politburo member, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;

Comrade Nguyen Xuan Thang, Politburo member, Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council, President of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics;

Comrade Do Van Chien, Party Central Committee member, President of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front Central Committee;

Comrade Nguyen Trong Nghia, Party Central Committee member, Head of the Central Propaganda Department;

Central Delegates, representatives of central departments, agencies and the Vietnamese Fatherland Front Committee;

Scientists, delegates and participants from nationwide,

Today, the Vietnamese intellects nationwide are proud and honored to welcome Comrade Pham Minh Chinh, Politburo member, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and other leaders of the Party, the Government and the Vietnamese Fatherland Front to attend the hybrid National Convention “Vietnam’s Scientists and Technologists in Executing Resolution adopted by CPV’s 13th Congress”. This is a display of focus and encouragement from the Party and Government, from the Prime Minister personally, and from leaders of agencies and of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front towards our scientists and technologists and VUSTA.

Some 40 years ago, VUSTA was founded on July 29th 1983. The Party delegated VUSTA as a “the people’s voluntary social organization for all science and technology associations for both Vietnamese in the country and overseas”.

Under that light, Vietnamese scientists and technologists have been always moving forward and contributed towards utilizing the strength of our united intellects within the worker - farmer - intellect union for the sake of the Nation and the People.

As such, VUSTA is proud and honored to play a role in uniting our revolutionary intellects, for the sake of the nation. This role is asserted by the Party with Directive 42-CT/TW dated April 16, 2010 from the Politburo: “VUSTA is a sociopolitical organization, systemized from Central to provinces, municipalities, and lead by the Communist Party of Vietnam.” “Developing VUSTA is the responsibility of the Party, the Government and intellects.”

As a member of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front, VUSTA has gathered numerous scientists and technologists. From 1.8 million individuals in 2015 to 2.2 million in 2020, with 153 member associations including 63 local unions, 90 national associations and 596 affiliated science and technology organizations, VUSTA accounts for 32.5% of the nation’s intellects.

Vietnam’s scientists and technologists always carry revolutionary enthusiasm, eager to move forward, to make science and technology the main drive and the first priority of national development, to stay true to Uncle Ho’s words “As a force of the revolution, intellects shall serve the Country and the people”; growth must be based on science and technology.

With the great success of the CPV’s 13th Congress, at our convention today, scientists and technologists, Central and regional science and technology associations, national associations, member science and technology associations will listen to opinions from Comrade Pham Minh Chinh - Politburo member and Prime Minister - and yours as well. From there, we will materialize action plans, implementing the Party’s Resolution in everyday life, contributing towards a prosperous, powerful Vietnam.

 Despite efforts from both the Government and out People, the Covid-19 pandemic situation is still extremely complicated. Our convention, thus, cannot be held offline. Instead, it will be held from Hanoi and streamed online to locations nationwide with participation of from scientists, science and technology officers, bodies and businesses.

With that spirit, I officially declare the opening of the National Convention, themed “Vietnam’s scientists and technologists in executing Resolution adopted by the Thirteenth Party Congress”, held by VUSTA.

Thank you Comrade Pham Minh Chinh, Politburo member and Prime Minister; thank you Leaders and delegates.

I wish the Convention a great success.

Now, I would like to invite Comrade Prime Minister and everyone to watch the report “VUSTA - uniting Vietnamese intellect”.