Officially choosing January 10 every year is the National Innovation Day
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On January 9, 2021, at Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, Hanoi, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the National Innovation Center (NIC) and the opening of the Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition 2021 (VIIE 2021).

The Prime Minister pressed the button to start construction of the National Innovation Center and opened Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition 2021

Innovation is the key to success

Speaking at the ceremony, the Prime Minister emphasized that in the past 20 years, innovation has been proved to be an important driving force for improving productivity, efficiency, growth and national competitiveness in the long run. For this reason, innovation has become the "key to success" and one of the most important advantages in the socio-economic development strategy of most countries and territories.

The Prime Minister affirmed that our Party and State early recognized the decisive role of innovation in reforming the growth model, setting the foundation for high and sustainable growth and creating quality jobs. The context of industrial revolution 4.0, with the rapidly changing speed of digital technology platforms, connecting things, big data, automation and artificial intelligence, forces us to adapt and take action

Talking about our country’s situtation, the Prime Minister said that Vietnam acknowledged by international community as a dynamic, fast-growing economy in Asia with an average GDP growth of 6.3% over the past 10 years. In 2020, we were one of the 16 most successful emerging economies, having successfully achieved its twin goal, controlling the epidemic while maintaining economic growth (+ 2.91%), and were in the group the country with the highest growth rate in the world.

The most important thing is the increasing prestige and influence of Vietnam on the international arena, the material and spiritual lives of the people is improved including in rural, mountainous and island areas.

The above results show a very bright economic outlook ahead; social trust, market confidence, especially the trust of domestic and international investors about Vietnam's economic recovery are increasing strongly.

The Prime Minister visited a booth at the exhibition

Draft Political Report submitted to the XIII National Congress of the Party sets out the development goal of Vietnam as: “Vietnam has set the target to become an industrial country and improve people’s income by 2025, the 50th anniversary of the National Reunification Day. By 2030, the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party, Vietnam aims to be a developing country with modern industry and the status of an upper-middle-income country”. The Prime Minister shared that this is the aspiration and the common vision for the nation to rise up. And on the way to the destination, there are still many difficulties, challenges, hidden risks of “average income trap” and lagging. We go forward but the world certainly won't wait for us. So that, we need innovation for realizing the aspiration becoming a mighty nation.

According to the Prime Minister, to realize the above goals and aspiration, we must rely on knowledge, science and technology, and especially innovation, which is an important endogenous factor of growth. New technology together with suitable human resources (being able to use, control and create new technology) is decisive factor for long-term growth, is the key for making development breakthroughs and avoiding the middle income trap.

In fact, a lot of countries rich in natural resources cannot develop fast and sustainably whereas others with fewer or no natural resources have achieved high economic growth. The key factor that makes the difference lies in the people and technologies. Vietnam's ranking in the Global Innovation Index has improved 10 positions since 2015, to 42nd among 131 countries and territories, one of the highest in our income group. This is an important foundation for future development, and it is important that both the public and private sectors improve knowledge and spend more on science and technologies," he added.

Pioneering model to promote innovation in Vietnam

In the coming time, our whole country (the State and private sectors) needs to be aware of the importance of investing in S&T and prioritize spending on science and technology in a more commensurate and more efficient manner.

On his explaination, the Prime Minister said that because the country’s expenditure on science and technology, both the public and private sectors, is only about 0.44% of its GDP, much lower than the 2.23 percent average of the world. Vietnam is lagging behind in terms of technology preparedness, innovation and labor productivity compared to many of its neighbors in Asia, such as China, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Because we do not really have sound and appropriate policies, mechanisms, or measures to stimulate the creativity and dedication of numerous scientists and experts. The legal corridors and policy mechanisms are inconsistent, not really motivate science and technology development and application”.

The scene of the ceremony

Because very few Vietnamese enterprises are interested in investing in research and development (R&D), innovation, transfer, and application of advanced technology, new ideas in production and business. And also because our capacity for applied science research - science for life, technology and innovation is rather limited and the national innovation system is in a nascent and fragmented state.

if we do not make bold investments in science, technology and innovation, the country will become stuck in a low productivity, low added value and our own middle income trap, the Prime Minister noted. The Prime Minister welcomed and highly appreciated the determination and efforts of the Ministry of Planning and Investment to organize the Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition, praising it as the practical action to implement the Politbureau Resolution on taking advantage of Industry 4.0 for national development and promote the central role of local enterprises in the innovation ecosystem, expressing the Vietnam’s desire to be the destination of innovation in the region.

Notably, the expo has drawn the participation of numerous agencies (with 156 stalls of 113 domestic enterprises, 22 FDI enterprises, 21 institutes and universities). The quality and diversified innovative products demonstrate the great potential of Vietnamese organizations, businesses, and inventors. “I hope the exhibition will be a typical annual international event on Vietnam’s innovation, contributing to promoting the deep connection among the participants of the innovation ecosystem and expanding cooperation with international partner”. The Prime Minister also welcomed ministries and branches’ proposal to set January 10 each year as the National Innovation Day.

Within this framework of the VIIE, the groundbreaking ceremony of the National Innovation Center also took place on the same day. With the symbol of an eagle spreading its wings, the center is expected to create ideal sandbox for new policies testing, infrastructure and working environment to develop Vietnam's innovation ecosystem in accordance with the world standards, the Prime Minister said.

“I hope that in the coming time, central ministries, branches of Hanoi and international partners will continue to work together for the development of the National Innovation Center, which will put into operation and become the pioneer in fostering Vietnam’s innovation,” he added.

The Prime Minister also asked ministries, branched, policymakers and the National Innovation Center to research policies and legal framework; encourage and promote innovation in the business community, especially in the field of creative startups; promote the linkage between domestic and foreign innovation networks through the National Innovation Center.

Promoting the role of universities and research institutes in strengthening the human capital foundation for innovation, associating applied research activities with the needs of enterprises and the needs of the economy. To promote the linking of domestic and foreign innovation networks, on the basis of promoting the important role of the National Innovation Center.

Focus on supporting the development of national products based on new technologies, high technologies, forming new industries and new products with high added value, especially in areas where Vietnam has strengths such as agriculture, processing and manufacturing industry, information technology...

The organization of the VIIE and the commencement of the National Innovation Center Foundation Project continues to demonstrate the Government's commitment to accompanying innovative enterprises and individuals. The Prime Minister wished the VIIE 2021 a great success and more development every year, to contribute to making Vietnam truly a destination for innovation in the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

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