Comments on the revised Youth Law
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Comments on the scope and regulated entities of the 02 Decrees related to Youth Law are collecting and completing by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Which are specific policies on youth dialogues such as mechanisms, policies and policy implementation measures for young people aged between full 16 and 18 years old; policies for youth pioneers and youth volunteers; responsibilities of organizations and regulatory bodies in implementing mechanisms and policies for youth; layout, structure, and some specific Chapters, Articles in the two Decrees.

A conference comments on the revised Youth Law organized by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union on December 25 2020

Interests of the youth are crucial

According to Lawyer Do Duy Thuong - former Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front - interests of the youth are imperative. The implementation of policies for youth pioneers and youth volunteers has exposed several problems and backlogs, especially in the period of resistence against the Americans. Ministries, branches and localities need a specialized apparatus to provide a better management of all these issues. Besides that, benefits for youth pioneers and youth volunteers after performing assigned tasks need to adequately resolve.

The State should have appropriate support policies, not just mobilize social resources. In addition, it is suggested to maintain the living expenses for youth pioneers during vocational training; added points in admissions of universities and colleges; be given priority to labor export and work abroad...

Youth volunteers work in difficult condition places entitle to benefits like youth pioneers as well as teachers. It is needed sastifactory policies for young volunteer people working at the border and islands.

The policy for youth pioneers and youth volunteers must be preeminent to attract more participants

Commenting on the policy and mechanism for youth volunteers and youth pioneers, Mr. Vu Trong Kim, former Member of the Party Central Committee, former Secretary of the Central Committee, former Chairman of the National Committee Regarding Vietnamese Youth, Chairman of the Youth Volunteer’s Association said: The policy for these two subjects must be superior to attract young people, however, the draft Decree is still formalistic, not yet quantified.

The regulation “the State ensures partly funding for the implementation of the policy for youth volunteers” is still vague, how much is “partly”. In particular, projects and programs for youth volunteering to get involved in must be specific and need science and technology projects to promote the youth's brainpower. Young volunteers should undertake new and challenging jobs, not just manual work.

The State should have policies to encourage and attract young people

According to Mr. Ta Van Ha - Standing member of the National Assembly's Committee for Culture, Education, Adolescents and Children: youth volunteers and youth pioneers are not only expectations of the Party and Uncle Ho during the historic period but also the mission and responsibility of the next generation. Youth volunteers and youth pioneers brings historical value. In the new period, the image of blue shirt expects to be effective way for Union’s operation.

To promote this force, the State must have a sound policy to attract and encourage young people. This is the responsibility of the State, Government, ministries, branches and localities.

Each policy needs multidimensional impact assessment to make it more effective. To do so, the policy must be specific, detailed and bold. Showing for the youth if they join this force they will get jobs, get paid, and provided with financial compensation.

Need to change the mindset about young people

Mr. Nguyen Quang Tuyen - Deputy Director of Law Faculty, Hanoi Law University acknowledged that we need to change the mindset and the way we are thinking of young people, we need more dialogues which are not for the youth, but for the future of the country, for the Government. Leaders need the youth, and not vice versa, that thinking needs to be renewed or the country will fall behind.

However, article on dialogue with the youth described generally, less feasible; dialogue should be organized in democratic manner and comments and opinions of the dialogues need appropriately absorbed, if we cannot conduct in that way, it becomes superficial dialogue. Contents of the dialogue should be publicly announced to the participants in order to contributing to improving the quality of dialogue.

In addition, it is necessary to clarify the relationship between the Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Committee on Vietnamese Youth in dialogue with the youth in terms of the role of the National Committee on Vietnamese Youth. Chapter 2 stipulates too many rights of the Ministry of Home Affairs while the role of the National Committee on Vietnamese Youth is blurred…


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