BUSADCO promoting science and technology innovation and applications
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To date, Viet Nam Science and Technology Joint Stock Company (BUSADCO), formerly known as Ba Ria – Vung Tau Urban Sewerage and Development Company, has been famous with innovation of 70 products, 29 basic standards which is the contribution to the establishment of 18 national standards regarding technology, technical solutions.

Hero of Labor, Scientist Hoang Duc Thao and Busadco set the Vietnam and world record

BUSADCO has signed 1,837 contracts of supplying science and technology applications for construction works and infrastructure in urban and rural areas; environmental protection work, civil and industrial construction, natural disasters prevention and responding to climate change. Presently, the company’s scientific and technological products have applied presented in 50 among 63 cities and provinces around the country; a lot of them have been exported to Laos and Malaysia.
Hence, Busadco received 09 domestic awards, including 7 VIFOTEC awards; 17 international ones, in which typical ones include global excellent prize granted by the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (2012), the special prize conferred by International Creative Organization in Korea (2009); and four WIPO prizes conferred by the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2010, 2013, and 2014.
Basing on the excellent achievements regarding science and technology, the President conferred the title of Labor Hero to collectives and individuals of the company in 2011 and 2013. The President of S.R Viet Nam has conferred Ho Chi Minh prize in science and technology for the cluster of works: “Building synchronously a system of technical infrastructure in urban, rural areas, environmental protection, natural disasters prevention and fighting, responding to climate change” in 2016.
Busadco has set 13 Vietnamese and world records; in December 2020, the World Records Union conferred a world record to Geneal Director Hoang Duc Thao “…who has the most intellectual property patents in the world” and also to Busadco “…which has the largest number of scientific and technological products all over the world …”. In addition, Busadco has been voted three times as one of ten outstanding science and technology events in the year:
Recently, due to Covid–19 widespread, business community in general have encountered many difficulties, however with their own efforts, creativity and fighting spirit, BUSADCO has gradually overcome and developed by its own generated technology, namely, in 2020, BUSADCO completed the construction of Hoan Kiem Lake's protection embankment - the most important item of the project: Construction, renovation and embellishment of the area around Hoan Kiem Lake, belonging to the group-A construction project of national level. In addition to strict compliance with the construction and investment laws, it must also strictly comply with the Law on Cultural Heritage. The work was completed after 65 days of construction, finished 2 months before the required time of the bidding documents, because the construction method did not have to bail the water out of lake; did not use boundary fence and mole; did not change the lake water level; did not break the structure of the primordial ground of the lakeside; did not build public service roads (the construction vehicles moved on the current walking street); preserved the status quo of heritage trees around the lake; minimized the impact of noise, dust; did not discharge during construction; did not affect urban traffic and walking street around the lake; did not affect the works of cultural and historical relics, and beauty spots. From the success of Hoan Kiem Lake embankment, Hanoi City People's Committee awarded 2 certificates of merit to BUSADCO and General Director Hoang Duc Thao for achievements in project execution.
Following the success of said embankment project, BUSADCO is currently implementing sea embankment and river embankment projects in Ba Ria - Vung Tau and Binh Thuan provinces. BUSADCO is the first collective member of the Union of Science and Technology Associations of Ba Ria Vung Tau province. In the process of creating and developing science and technology, BUSADCO has always received the active encouragement and support of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations. Through scientific seminars on new technologies organized by the Union of Science and Technology Associations of Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, BUSADCO's science and technology products have proven their superiority in both quality and economic value, which is appreciated by scientists.

With BUSADCO’s achievements, it cannot but mention the role of the leader - General Director, Hero of Labor Hoang Duc Thao, he has received many awards in the field of science and technology. Specifically, for the Vietnamese Record, "Scientist Hoang Duc Thao - The Author with the most Patents and Useful Solutions in Vietnam" set up a personal record and "Busadco - Scientific - Technological Corporate possessing the most patents, useful solutions, and industrial designs in Vietnam" set up a collective record.
For the world record, he has set the record: "The scientist who researches, practically applies, and verifies the synchronous results, with the process of researching, manufacturing, creating solutions, coordinating construction and operating products from its own Scientific and Technological activities in a closed cycle that has been applied to the fields and works of urban and rural technical infrastructure systems, service to the people, and environment protection, natural disaster prevention and response to climate change achieves the highest number of intellectual property rights in the world".
In addition, BUSADCO also has set a collective record: "The business that researches, practically applies and verifies the synchronous results, creates a closed cycle from research to scientific and technological products with the largest number in the world, has been applied to the fields and constructions of urban and rural technical infrastructure systems, service to the people, environment protection, natural disaster prevention and response to climate change".
It is known that the Hero of Labour Hoang Duc Thao is the author of 102 patents of Inventions, Patents of Useful Solutions and Decisions; 223 Patents of Industrial Designs and Decisions; 04 National Records; 17 international awards for innovation in science and technology from the research, practice and verification of actual results to serve the common interests of the community and society. By October 2020, BUSADCO had 70 products formed from its own scientific and technological results, which were certified by the Department of Science and Technology of Ba Ria Vung Tau province; owned 102 Patents, useful solutions and Decisions; 223 patents of Industrial Design and Decisions; 17 international awards for scientific and technological innovation; signed 1,830 contracts with partners on the application of Scientific and Technological products to projects, contributing to the setting of national standards  from technology, technical solutions and Busadco products; Application in synchronous construction of urban infrastructure systems (including 74,256 systems of manholes to collect rain water, new-style odor prevention and test well for culvert connection, 185,709 km of precast thin-walled concrete technical trenches); Application in synchronous construction of rural infrastructure system (including 4,413 septic tank systems, 308,286 km of reinforced concrete canals, precast thin-walled non-metallic reinforced concrete, 10.3 km of precast thin-walled reinforced concrete traffic); Application in construction for disaster prevention and response to climate change with 12,711 km of assembly components to protect riverbanks, lakes and sea dykes; 44 houses assembled with non-metallic reinforcement).
Mr. Hoang Duc Thao, the Hero of Labor, hopes BUSADCO will maintain its position as a pioneering Scientific & Technological Corporate of Vietnam. It also continues to introduce the image of Vietnam Science and Technology brand to the world as well as building 63 factories in 63 provinces and cities in the whole country to produce and apply Busadco's scientific and technological products.
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