Boost scientific-technical intelligentsia for the socio-economic development
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On May 18, 1963, President Ho Chi Minh attended and congratulated first national Congress of Vietnam Association of Science and Technology Dissemination on behalf of Party Central Committee and the Government (precursor of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations).

Description: Chủ tịch Hồ Chí Minh đọc bài phát biểu tại Đại hội Đại biểu toàn quốc lần thứ nhất Hội Phổ biến khoa học và kỹ thuật Việt Nam.

President Ho Chi Minh gave speech at the first national Congress of Vietnam Association of Science and Technology Dissemination

At the Congress, Uncle Ho addressed his own ideas about natural science and technology. He expressed his interest in labor productivity and the increasing of labor productivity. “Science is originated from production and then serves production and the public; it is aimed at increasing labor productivity and constantly enhances the life of people, ensuring the success of socialism”. (The Collected Works of Ho Chi Minh, Volume 11, p.78).

Also at the first National Congress of Vietnam Association of Science and Technology Dissemination, President Ho Chi Minh affirmed “Under the socialism regime, science must be the common property of the whole people, not the private property of any individual group. Science and technology must head to people, liberate people and develop them comprehensively. The achievements of science and technology must be used for the advancement of the society, the benefit and happiness of the public”.

In accordance with President Ho Chi Minh, science and technology made production to develop rapidly. In contrast, production was a driving force for the development of science and technology. In addition, science and technology also have the duty to serve for the development and improvement of the society, national cultural identities, and at the same time, absorb the essence of the world culture. That thought of Uncle Ho is not merely a guide for solving a theoretical problem posed from reality, but also a guide for the development of science and technology.

President Ho Chi Minh’s thought on science and technology is first of human beings – talented people. He considered it as the centre of socio-economic development strategy. It is necessary to enhance knowledge and intelligence of the people to serve the nation: “Building the country needs talented people”. Talents are national spirit. These contents were mentioned in the article “Vietnam Labor Party with intellectual labor” regarding the path of formation and development of new intelligentsia including scientists.

President Ho Chi Minh wrote: “Train new intelligentsia and reform the old one. Boost the intellectualization for workers and farmers”. In the early days of the resistance war against French colony, a number of cadres were sent to abroad for further study. A lot of scientists who followed his divine call abandoned the high-quality living standard overseas and returned the country to participate in two arduous but extremely glorious wars of the nation. They contributed much to the course of modern science and technology of our nation. Throughout his revolutionary life, President Ho Chi Minh regularly made every effort for the development of science and technology of the country. He paid special attention to the importance of gathering intelligentsia, appreciating talents, taking care of building a team of scientific and technological officials.

Inheriting and implementing the thought of President Ho Chi Minh on science and technology, documents of the Party and the State not only affirm the role and immense strength of science and technology in the fields of industrialization, modernization but also identify science and technology as key motivations of the innovation and development of the country; highly appreciate science and technology achievements, pay attention to the research, application, dissemination of science and technology in practice; apply positive effect of science and technology for the socio-economic development, contributing to the improvement of living standard, raising people’s intellectual standard, preserving and promoting cultural values of Vietnam and its people.

In order to uphold the spirit, responsibility of the social community for the science and technology, honoring labor, creativity process and devotion of Vietnamese scientific and technological intelligentsia, in 2013, the National Assembly approved the Law on Science and Technology; in which there was regulation in Article 7 that May 18 is Vietnamese Science and Technology Day. This is also an opportunity to disseminate outstanding results of science and technology activities; increasing social awareness about the role of science and technology and encourage young generation, especially the students who are passionate about scientific research, contributing to the development of scientific and technological workforce in the course of industrialization and modernization of the country.

The strong development of the fourth industrial revolution has created a number of opportunities for the development of science and technology, but also posed difficulties and challenges. We will face the risk of falling further behind due to the redundant of low-skilled workforce; starting point of many businesses remains modest, uneven, and many sectors and fields remain backward. Enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized, their competitive ability remains low, and they are not ready to access new technologies. Many enterprises are passive in the development trends, not ready to change the business organization model; skills, qualifications of the workforce to access, exploit and master technology, new operation methods to create new value-added products and services...

Therefore, in the coming time, there must be a strategic transformation to promote the development of science and technology and innovation; application will be combined with technological development in some new and strong fields in the direction of green production, low energy consumption and environmental protection.

In the trend of strong development of the fourth industrial revolution all over the world, science and technology and innovation must be identified as the foundation for the rapid and sustainable development of our country, which is the main driving force for socio-economic development.

Author: Khong Manh Tien - Phu Tho Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations