Binh Thuan: Provincial Union responses to the celebration of Vietnam science and technology day
08/06/2020 3:09 CH 56 lượt xem
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In the morning of May 19, 2020, Binh Thuan Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations cooperated with department of science and technology to organize the workshop and introduce some effective models in the field of agricultural application for production in the province.

Attending the workshop were representatives of departments, unions, provincial scientific units, specialized divisions of districts, cities; scientists, press agencies and representatives of people producing agricultural products in the province.

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The models were presented in details ranging from ideas to deployment processes, outcomes and economic effectiveness and advantages as well as disadvantages during the implementation; through reports, scientific non-business unit deployed a number of high-effective agricultural models such as Mokara orchid, Lingzhi mushroom, straw mushroom, peanut in winter-spring crop, intensive cultivation of okra on less-effective soil according to chainlink, rice production upon SRI method; Ma Lam-ML232 new rice variety, seedless lemon, raising yellow-fin pompano and sea ducks.

The above-mentioned models were highly appreciated by attendants and they could be replicated into production. The workshop provided farmers with new knowledge and information for consideration, research and applying into specific production situations for increasing income and socio-economic development./.

                                                                       Author: Ngo Viet Nang