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Manila, Philippines

“LEAPS 2020: Leadership, Excellence & Ethics in Engineering Education, Accreditation, Practice & Services”

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To All Our Friends, Fellow AFEO Engineers and Guests of AFEO,

The PTC Executive Officers, Board of Trustees, and the whole PTC membership wish to warmly congratulate VUSTA on the occasion of this our AFEO’s 38th Edition of CAFEO or CAFEO 38. We at PTC always look forward to these times of the year when we all take the opportunities to network with each other, renew friendships and develop new ones, and, enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship with our fellow ASEAN engineering professionals.

While CAFEO 38 may be a lot more different than previous CAFEOs due to the limited personal interactions imposed by the prevailing pandemic, we sincerely believe VUSTA has prepared very well for the situation to achieve the purposes of CAFEO. Moreover, this new format of CAFEO, while hopefully temporary, ushers us into some new ways of doing things and also enables us to put to test our long-standing tradition of a united and strongly

productive AFEO.

CAFEO 38’s theme: “Fostering Initiatives and Actions by AFEO to Build a Sustainable and Prosperous ASEAN Community” should wake us up a bit and a reset may be appropriate at this opportune time. Without moving backward, maybe it is indeed worthwhile, at the first instance, to revisit our past and current initiatives and efforts and redirect the same to some robust set of action plans. Initiatives and action plans that will enable us to effectively contribute further, individually and collectively, to building a sustainable and prosperous ASEAN Community. We are very confident and hopeful beyond doubt that we will see a lot of actions from our member-organizations and AFEO itself towards this end in the next few years.

Congratulations VUSTA and AFEO on this our CAFEO 38!  Mabuhay po tayong lahat!