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English name: Vietnamese Medical Federation (VMF)

Establishment year: The Decree No.138-DC/NĐ dated 15/4/1955 of the Ministry of Home Affairs to allow the establishment of the Vietnam Medical Association. The Decision No.341-NV dated 26/10/1960 of the Minister of Home Affairs to allow the Vietnam Medical Association to replace by the Vietnamese Medical Federation

Address: No.68A Ba Trieu, Hanoi

Telephone: 04.39431866, 0913.585676  Fax: 04.39439323 Email: vgamp@hn.vnn.vn

Number of member associations: Over 100 members, 42 central specialist associations, 62 provincial medical associations    

Principles and purposes:

It is a socio-professional organization, with specific characteristics, to voluntarily gather the medical associations whose members are Vietnamese citizens working in public and private institutions to unite and contribute to building a national Vietnamese medicine of science and public nature to serve the cause of people's health care protection and improvement.

Functions and tasks:

1. To regulate and coordinate the activities of the member associations (100), to gather and help its members to keep medical ethics and religion, and raise their qualifications, to implement the functions of consultancy, judgment and social expertise in medical and pharmaceutical science and technology. Representing its member associations in relationship to the internal and external affaires under the Charter.

2. To organize conferences, seminars and trainings to improve qualifications for its membership.

3. To join the themes, program and projects of medical science and medical services.

4. To make fundraising and receive grants in accordance with the Vietnamese laws.

5. To reward and discipline the member associations.